To say “I have a lot on my mind” is rather like saying “There is a lot of sand at the beach”. While true, it is such a bland statement to describe the boiling cascades of thoughts that somehow manage to collide into something worthwhile in a sudden fit of clarity.

My thinking ranges from what to teach and how to teach the 4 children currently in my home-school setting to which words in the bible show that dinosaurs did, in fact, have a place in God’s creation. That’s not all, of course. I range from casual conversations with my hubby about his online excursions into battle in VGA planets (Which I don’t play myself..I admit, I’m being polite and want his attention :P) to a large group setting discussing the latest tragedies of lackluster loves in this world.

I’m constantly harassed by thoughts as I drive; that I pray “Please don’t let me forget to tell so-and-so this!” because I had a bright moment of insight that I just KNEW would help another. Alas, I rarely get to impart my words of wisdom in quite the same way they flushed into my amazed brain earlier that day. More or less, I can’t recall a thing or it comes out a meddled mess of nonsense as they look at me with a glazed expression and one foot out the window. Personal defenestration on their part.

Times like this, I wonder how my hubby stays sane and how I get a single thing done. Other times, it seems I acquire a small group who think I’m simply amazing. Really, it’s THEY who are amazing. Anyone who can put up with my brazenly gushed out thoughts of passionate and effusive theologies has got to be pretty damn impressive. I tend to keep them close as a result. We all need a few people that make us feel great about what we say and do, yes?Β 

So, what is the point of all this? Simply put, it’s to prepare you for the fact this blog will be focused on my life, my thinking, and my experiences. I won’t be keeping to one basic topic of just health, home-schooling, God, games, or my bird. It will be full. Too full for some, perhaps. But, it will be honest, real, and a tad crazy.

You’ll hate it and I will care. I don’t care if someone thinks I shouldn’t care what others think…because I care. However, if you love it, you will make my day brighter πŸ™‚



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  1. I can understand you just fine. I think when you “brain-purge” with me, that it comes out in strings that make sense, are helpful, and insightful. Also, have you considered a “Thought Journal?” Where you write down all the random-important thoughts that come to your mind when you can? It’s quite a big help to me!

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