Just an endorsement

So, I’ve been dabbling with the folks at MasterBooks this year. I have no job with them. I’m not even a reviewer, though I would love to be! I just happen to have won a great book from them and loved them so much, I’ve purchased others.

I am one of those that believe strong in *word of mouth* and this is my word. If your looking for great educational tools that are creation and bible based, this is the publisher for you! They range from personal reading and tools for both educational and spiritual growth to classroom education, both in the home local and in a more structured class hosted by a church or private school.


Books I have acquired thus far:

Chronicles of Dinosauria (I won this book and it was awesome!)

I am Ruth (Already one of my favorite books of the bible, I love this photographic book of her story. it’s truly inspirational)

Already Gone (Still reading off and on. Slow going since I am now actively into this home-schooling year!)

Here is a link to their Facebook page if you want to check them out. Please, just take a look and you will see they really are a great company!




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