Reviewing the book “The War on Christmas” by Bodie Hodge

Interesting book I am reviewing right now. I’ve read a few chapters. It’s a fairly easy read, even with all the information being put forth and gives a perspective about Christmas from the point of view of a Christian who has actually done their homework. So, I suggest grabbing this book. Perhaps you wont draw all the same conclusions, but it certainly has a lot of merit and worth a closer look.


Here is a link to the book for pre-order. It is available October 1, 2013. Just in time for the holidays!


One thought on “Reviewing the book “The War on Christmas” by Bodie Hodge

  1. I’ve since received the actual book (Previously I was reviewing the PDF) and I have to say, it’s quite a nice coffee table book. Reviewing this book DURING the holidays was a challenge. I was not only extremely busy from preparing for Christmas and other holiday times, I had to deal with a variety of health and emotional issues with family members and friends.

    In fact, it was so exhausting, i took the ENTIRE month of December off just to keep my sanity.

    Yes, I read the book. I loved the pictures. Did I agree with everything the author had to say? No. Then again, it’s more of a compilation of thoughts and stories gathered by others. I believe in the ESSENCE of the book and I really did enjoy seeing and reading about what others think and feel about this controversial topic.

    The beauty of this book is that it can open a dialogue between people about this *War on Christmas*. It is a well done and beautifully made book. I recommend reading it and truly opening yourself to the thoughts and feelings of others.

    In the end, I don’t really care about the “origin’ of Christmas. It does not matter. What matters is what I do with it NOW. Do I use this time to spread good will and cheer towards all? Do I thoughtfully take the opportunity to extend this to all days of the year? I feel every day belongs to God, anyways. He made it all possible. If your hateful, then you are not respecting any of God’s days. Forget the war. remember to Love.

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