Sometimes we cant have a conversation…

This is a very personal post, but I thought sharing it might help others in this position or perhaps someone will come along that have some positive suggestions.

You see, I cant discuss anything about religion with my mother. I can discuss it with almost anyone else and they are happy to share beliefs, ideas, and differences in thinking. No one gets upset!

I just hate I can not have an open conversation about beliefs with her. I LOVE talking with others about what they think, feel, and believe. I like sharing my own.

I do not do this to prove they are wrong. I do it because I actually care about them and am interested in their thoughts and feelings.

I do not NEED to shove anything down their throats. I am trying to LIVE the gospel and I want THAT to be my true testimony.

So, what brought this on? I was trying to share what another person wrote about the birth of Christ. In fact, they wrote several different viewpoints. While I, personally, can see the validity of all the viewpoints presented, I also know only one will be right. Jesus was born on one particular day. This can not be questioned. What day it actually was…we are not quite sure. I’m OK with it being up in the air. It does not weaken my faith.

She became defensive and bristly. Seeming to forget entirely I was talking about what another person wrote. She started telling me how I was…wrong. Me.

This is not an isolated incident. I’ve been told not to talk about my faith with her since it always devolves into a “Your going to hell” statement from my mother. She is not interested in knowing what I believe. Not interested in understanding why I believe what I do. She is only interested in proving me wrong. so much so that I cant even talk about what ANOTHER person wrote.


It’s so frustrating 😦



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