Break week…over!

Perhaps others do this in some form or fashion. All i know is I needed it! Every 6 weeks of full home-school curriculum, we take a break. And by break, I mean we only do things that are necessary. They boys must do their 2 math assignments online, attend the Spanish class and the synergy class, and my own boys attend piano music and practice most days.

So, I’m just now finishing up our first *Break week*. I was bored most of it until about Thursday when our usual Thursday activities continued this week. This is the day I drive my Hubby to work (40 mins to get there) then back home. I try to fit in a few errands while I have the car, though i don’t have much time because I have to make sure the boys ate lunch and are ready to leave by 12:30pm to attend their synergy group. This ends at 3pm and we go straight to Spanish class 1 hour away. The price is worth is and its only a little further north then my hubby’s work, so it’s actually convenient considering I have to pick him up anyways. By the time we get home it is dinner time and I tell everyone to *Fend for yourself* when it comes to dinner. Usually have left overs as a result.

During this break week, I started reading “The War on Christmas” as part of a review team. I’ve gotten in a few chapters, but got pretty busy starting Thursday. I plan on reading more after church today 🙂 It’s an interesting book, easy to read, yet full of quite a bit of reference information. The author, Bodie Hodge does an excellent job in making all these various facts palatable to the everyday person. You can get more information about this great book by using the following web address:

Another thing I decided to start this week was a rookie 5K training plan. You need to be-able to at least walk 25-30 mins fairly easily before taking this one on. I found the plan on If interested, you can join for free and check it out. I’ve been a member of the site for years. I don’t always follow it, but it has so many great resources! The link is as follows:

Anyways, it’s back *to the grind* tomorrow…and I am looking forward to it! Have a great ‘rest of the weekend’ and I’ll see you around 🙂


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