So, what curriculum do we use?

This post was inspired from another’s blog this morning. I decided it would be a good idea to repost my comment here, with a few things edited to make the transitions easier since the original post is not on top. This was to avoid confusion. I will link the original blog at the end so you cna check it out for yourself what inspired me 🙂


So, I tried Story of the World with my boys when I first started teaching at home. The story format was a nice approach, but it did not delve deeply into GOD’S story. God is the very reason we even have history (Clearly I am of a creationist mindset, hmm?). It just seemed TOO easy. Perhaps it would be better for younger children?

I’ve tried a variety of history ideas, all really not bad, but just did not fit my family’s needs and wants. After over a year of searching and exploring options, I came across My Father’s World Curriculum. I…love…it! The kids love it. I thank The Knowledge Exchange in Palm Bay, Florida for being able to fully explore this option.

MFW has a cycles like Classical Conversations (Yes, I tried this curriculum as well!) but is taught to strengthen children in today’s world. I think Latin is awesome, but Spanish just seemed..practical? Yes, the curriculum covers Greek (and later Latin) roots and I think that is a perfect start.

I have also been using the kindergarten curriculum they have for my special needs niece. Very God orientated and she has been progressing very well. She could not read at all this past summer. I combine this with Bob book series (If your looking for a great beginning reader’s set) and the printouts to go with it from a wonderful mom’s blog called 3 Dinosaurs.

MFW is history based from a biblical point of view. It is relatively cheap compared to other full curriculums and the manual is easy to to utilize when setting it up for your children (I found CC’s a bit unwieldy). I also like that it tries to just present the words of the bible and leaves the deeper meanings for you to discuss with your children. It does not tell you what to believe the bible means, but neither does it leave you high and dry if your perhaps wondering just how to connect the dots.

I am in my second year of MFW cycles (Grade 3-8/ with 7/8 supplemented for Jr High needs, which they give excellent resources and ideas for right in the manual). I will be using their high school curriculum for the 2 eldest boys, while the youngest boy will go on to the 3rd year with Jr High supplementation. My niece will follow whatever will be appropriate for her based on her progress, but will still be MFW since she enjoys it so much.

Because of my experience with other curriculum and ideas, I highly recommend MFW for content, usability, and overall price. You can easily Google My Father’s World for their site. Either way, good luck with your current choice 🙂 Please post what you use and how it’s been working for you below!

Link to Proverbial Homemaker:

My Father’s World Website:


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