Laughter: A Poem

Laughter: A Poem


It’s the wind at my back
The sun in my face.
It’s the rain on my head
falling as tears on my cheeks.
It’s the laughter in you
that’s become a part of me.

It’s those sunny days
that slow the pace.
It’s the fall of leaves
that blanket the earth.
It’s the love in you
that’s sets me free.

It’s the night as it falls
the stars laying out their sparkling net.
It’s the new sun rising
that brings the dew.
It’s the sadness in you
That fills me with pain.

It’s the sound of singing
the pulse of notes.
It’s the stroke of fingers
across those melodic strings
It’s the sound of your voice
that sets me at ease.

Christina A Chiarillo



Sometimes: My Life Lacks “Color”

However, it can still have much beauty if I look closely enough.

It’s been rough the past couple weeks, hence the lack of posts during that time period. It has not gotten any easier. Frankly, I am not sure what to do.

You see, I have a brain tumor. They think I was born with it. I had been doing pretty darn good for well over a year, but this year my “symptoms” have been slowly increases again. It resulted in an episode last night. All I can say is what I am trying to say and what others *think* I am talking about are two completely different things. It is very frustrating. Perhaps a neurologist could explain it to you. What I CAN tell you are people REALLY think they know what I am talking about and get quite angry with me when I keep trying to explain it. The only reason i know it’s not coming out right is their responses make no sense to to what I am trying to convey. I know something …broke..between my brain and my mouth.

It’s a horrible feeling to have a roomful of people convinced they know what your talking about and wondering why you keep insisting that is not what your talking about…. I would write more…but I don’t have time. I just know, I hate this.

It’s hard to find the beauty right now. I’ll just have to look closer.

Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: Going Through the Motions

Kri's Not So Kurious Advice: Going Through the Motions

I’ve done it. You’ve probably done. In fact, I can confidently say most everyone has, if not everyone literally. Your there, doing what your suppose to do. You know it’s the right thing to do. The thing that will bring you and even those around you the greatest joy. Yet, somehow, It became rote. No longer burned inside you and lit up your day. You’ve just been going through the motions.

Many times when you hear the phrase “Going through the motions” it is usually connected to the thought of your spiritual beliefs. In my case, it would be my Mormon faith. This is not always the case. I’ve found myself going through the motions in my everyday life. Wake up. Make myself a soda stream (I’m attempting to be a bit healthier these days). Feed the cat and dog. Wake up the kids and get schooling started. Some days it feels like it does not mean anything. It feel just *there*.

Have you ever felt that way about your everyday life? Perhaps it’s your job. Or perhaps it’s an exercise routine. You feel stagnate even though what your doing is important. Maybe, just maybe, it is your faith. We can’t leave that one out. So, what can you do when your life becomes just a routine? How can you press that *refresh* button and feel as if your living again?

As always, you can bring up a web search service, such as Google. Many MANY links are available to help you in your individual place. Personally, I used the phrase “what to do when your faith becomes routine” (Minus the quotes) in Google search just to see what I got. One thing stuck out for me. Find a partner. Someone you can help motivate and someone that can hold you accountable. Sometimes just sharing a particular interest or challenge with another is just the thing you need to get back that feeling of accomplishment and joy in the activity you are pursuing.

You see, there is a danger in allowing your life, no matter what area, to become so comfortable it is routine. Even boring! It is vital you tend to each aspect of your life as you would a garden. Different sections and seasons of your life will require not only different amounts of care, but different WAYS of caring for it. Is your marriage feeling like a comfortable old shoe? Are you so used to your spouse sleeping by your side you’ve forgotten to remind them how much you appreciate the fact that they are sleeping by your side? I assure you, this is a dangerous place for a marriage to be. Just as it is dangerous to be going to Sunday Sacrament each and every week, and instead of contemplating your spiritual need for Jesus. Your absolute need for our Father in Heaven, you’ve begun sitting there blankly. We are not talking about the distractions that can occur. Distractions happen. Just pull yourself back to the right focus, and your fine. We are talking about losing that sense of urgency that everyday you need to work on becoming more and more a better YOU.

Going through the motions. Being in a rut. These can be stumbling blocks in all areas of your life. Yes, my faith in Father God and the Church are a driving force in my life. I need to keep my perspective fresh and never fall into the trap of thinking *this* right here and right now is where I need to be. While it’s true we all need to experience things and our current challenges are important, we can never forget the place we truly are aiming for. To be-able to walk beside our Father and Creator.

Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: Go ahead. Skip it!

Kri's Not So Kurious Advice: Go ahead. Skip it!

Sometimes your chugging along. Getting it ALL done. Your feeling a bit worn down. You need a break…but! There is so much you need to do.

I’m telling you. Right now. It’s OH KAY to skip a day when it comes to home schooling. Or the laundry. Or to post that blog first thing in the morning. The world will not end if you just skip it 🙂

If you don’t skip it, you may miss that needed break. Or something else. You never know what good things will come your way if you just take a moment and not only smell the flowers…enjoy them.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple Open House

Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple Open House

We took that trip in a van packed with family and good friends. A trip that seemed “meant to be”. The weather…was…perfect. The little girl on the so-called “autism spectrum” was well behaved. The boys kept themselves entertained. My hubby and I had the opportunity to share a great experience together, our friends shared the front as the hubby drove, and my sister and HER hubby joined us for the ride.

Everything went so well. The trip there. The late afternoon picnic at the nearby park. The slightly sleepy trip home. It seemed a blessed time. What else could it have been with 10 people packed in a van for 3 hours, a 1.5 hour tour, and 3 hours packed again on the way back?

Blessed, defiantly.

Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: Waking Up

Kri's Not So Kurious Advice: Waking Up

I woke up this morning. Thankfully, it is something I have managed most days of my life. The rest I woke up at a different time *Grins*.

This morning, I woke up in my usual sleepy “Wish I could stay in bed” mindset. My niece was running around outside my backyard with the dogs, so it really was not an option. I had to get up, get dressed, and inform her she could not simply go outside while everyone else was asleep…

Thankfully, this is not something she does often when over at my house. Still, it is something I would prefer to prevent simply so I can ensure her safety. I could have allowed the squiggle of negative feeling about the situation to color the rest of my morning, and therefore the rest of my day.

I did not.

As I went through the beginning’s of my morning routine, I thought of the things that I needed to do, and a song was niggling it’s way in the back of my head. A song I have loved since I first heard it last year. for King & COUNTRY – “The Proof Of Your Love”

This led me to start up zradio, which I recently discovered I could listen to on my computer. This put me in a good mood, calmed my niece, and created a pleasant morning atmosphere. So much so, I can sit here and type this out with her quietly sitting next to me as she eats a cup of yogurt. Really, this is far more preferable then a hectic and stressed filled morning. I’m pretty busy home schooling 4 kids, 1 of them in the autism spectrum and who-knows-what-else. Many mornings I feel as if I have NO TIME. I am sure you have felt this way as well, hmm?

So, what is my advice about waking up? Try listening to something positive as you do so. It’s amazing what positive music can do for your mindset. You get the same number of hours (or maybe you only have a few mins as you rush through this), but…somehow…they seem to be enough when your mood is relaxed and happy.