My Review of the movie: Noah

My Review of the movie: Noah

I am sure you’ve seen plenty of slams against this movie. To be fair, I have one of my own. Just hear me out.

*Spoiler Alert!*

I watched the movie. It was actually quite good until 1/2 way through. I did not mind the “rock monsters” since there were “monsters” mentioned in the bible before the flood. Namely the offspring of angels and the “daughters of men” and they were usually considered evil and violent. It’s true the movie portrays them as angels that were punished by The Creator and not as the offspring of 2 races of beings, but it was not truly detracting by the over all message in the first 1/2.

What bothered me was the sudden homicidal craziness of Noah 1/2 way through. There was absolutely nothing indicated in the bible he felt this way towards anyone, much less his own family. I know they tried to use the Cainite Camp scene as the trigger, but it simply did not explain why he began being so hateful to EVERYONE, even those he loved. It kinda ruined it for me. Not strictly because the Bible was not followed completely (I’m fine with artistic leeway “hello, rock monsters”!). A movie is not going to shake my faith that I have built with personal study and Knowledge. If that was the case, Harry Potter would have won me over to practicing the art of magic LONG ago! However, the flow from Noah being one way (Firm in his beliefs that all life was sacred and needed protection) to a murderous man, much like the offspring of Cain, was not developed in a manner that made any sense. If I had watched this movie with no knowledge of the Bible, I would have still found it completely jarring and inconsistent with the rest of the movie.

I give the movie 5 stars up until Noah becomes another character entirely. After that, 2 stars. And only that many because it was still well acted and had a fascinating appearance.
Please share this so that all of your friends will know that the new Russell Crowe movie has NOTHING to do with the Biblical account of Noah and the Biblical flood. — with Togi Simanjuntak and 6 others.


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