Baking cakes and pies “Oh My!”

Baking while home schooling can be a little tiring, but oh so worth it! I made the pie, the hubby made the cakes. Isn’t he AWESOME?324Yum!

I’m not exactly sure what triggered my hubby’s interest in baking. It just seems over the years he began to experiment more and more until, suddenly, he was doing it most weeks. I’ve always been the one to cook the dinners for the most part. Cakes, muffins, and what not were things I liked to eat. Not bake!

I discovered there was one thing I liked baking as a treat. Pies. Ironically, I had preferred eating cakes over pies. It wasn’t until the last holiday season that I experimented with them and found out a singular truth. Things taste better when you’ve made them. I now like pies.

I have not stopped at making pies from scratch. I’ve spent a lot more time in the kitchen going beyond the box. Sure, I’ve made plenty of meals using whole foods, but I was still relying on the boxed versions fairly often and it showed. Meal time is a blessing and knowing I made it ALL and that it is being enjoyed by my family as we sit around the table generates a satisfaction that no box could dream of holding.


It helps to have cake or pie for dessert.


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