Thoughts on Intelligent Design

Thoughts on Intelligent Design

Now, I do have scientific reasoning for why I believe in intelligent design. I’m just not going to lay all of them down before you at this time. Your most likely here because you already believe or disbelieve and are unlikely to change your mind no matter what proofs I put before you here.

I also believe because of my faith and my personal experiences having to do with creation all around me. Again, I could provide a bunch of well thought out quotes and I don’t think it would matter to the reader. I would either confirm what you’ve been feeling at the time or make you wonder how I could be so foolish.

If I were to write about any other thoughts of “How we came to be” the results would be the same.

Perhaps you disagree with my thinking, but tell me. Did YOU come here honestly prepared to change your mind one way or the other? Probably not.

And for the soul that does, Kudos! Even if it’s to change your mind AWAY from what I, personally, believe. Kudos. I want you to think for yourself. I want you to choose. I want you to be ready to learn more. To never think you already have all the answers.

Because none of us have all the answers.

What brought me to even bring this all up, anyways? I shared a post on my Face Book page about a museum about creation. I’d love to see it one day, especially with the kids. I received a response that called the information about a particular display a lie. They began to discuss carbon dating.

Carbon dating is one of those things that you must make certain assumptions about in order to come to a conclusion. This means that if any of the assumptions are wrong, the conclusion arrived at becomes wrong as well. As a result, this is one dating technique I refuse to put all my “eggs” into. I’m not saying the “Old Earth” theory is wrong, I’m saying using carbon dating (and other dating techniques currently in use) is unreliable and should not be used to make any all encompassing statements about whether or not someones conclusion is a “lie”.

Of course, this makes it difficult to truly understand the age of the Earth. Part of me is uncomfortable with not having a reliable dating method, but another part of me realizes it won’t change a thing in the end. The Earth either *is* or *is not* “billions of years old”. It won’t change if we got here by some cosmic accident or if some intelligent being set it all in motion.

If you do not believe in Intelligent design and are looking to the scientific community for answers, I do recommend finding reliable means of scientific research to help you reach conclusions. People are rather passionate about what they think and believe on this subject and can be blinded by it as they conduct their research.

I recommend the same for those who do believe in Intelligent design. I believe God is a logical being. And, to be clear, logic does not equate on being unemotional. He is not Spock. But, if a Being created all this, there is a reason why things work they way they do. It has a logical pattern. It’s too bad we keep messing with it.

Maybe that is what God did? Messed with it until it worked.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Intelligent Design

  1. If you’re up for it, I would recommend reading “The Bible, Rocks and Time” It is written by a couple Christian geologists who look at the age of the earth from both a Biblical and scientific perspective.

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