Make Your Story Mine

Make Your Story Mine

It is written we were made in His image.
It is said one day we can be like You.
That the Father sent You as the perfect example
of His glory personified.

I have followed Your story time and again.
I have wondered how you stood fast
beneath the hateful shouts and strikes
of all those You came to serve.

You have touched my heart and dreams
when I read of a Love,
whose dying breath begged
“Father, forgive them!”
of those who betrayed and hurt You.

Jesus, my beloved brother,
my Savior.
I believe with all I am
and will make Your story mine.


One thought on “Make Your Story Mine

  1. Great poem! I too wonder how He stood fast against all of the abuse He took. If you’re interested, I also write poetry. You can check it out at if you’d like. Either way, nice job!

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