Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: Waking Up

Kri's Not So Kurious Advice: Waking Up

I woke up this morning. Thankfully, it is something I have managed most days of my life. The rest I woke up at a different time *Grins*.

This morning, I woke up in my usual sleepy “Wish I could stay in bed” mindset. My niece was running around outside my backyard with the dogs, so it really was not an option. I had to get up, get dressed, and inform her she could not simply go outside while everyone else was asleep…

Thankfully, this is not something she does often when over at my house. Still, it is something I would prefer to prevent simply so I can ensure her safety. I could have allowed the squiggle of negative feeling about the situation to color the rest of my morning, and therefore the rest of my day.

I did not.

As I went through the beginning’s of my morning routine, I thought of the things that I needed to do, and a song was niggling it’s way in the back of my head. A song I have loved since I first heard it last year. for King & COUNTRY – “The Proof Of Your Love”

This led me to start up zradio, which I recently discovered I could listen to on my computer. This put me in a good mood, calmed my niece, and created a pleasant morning atmosphere. So much so, I can sit here and type this out with her quietly sitting next to me as she eats a cup of yogurt. Really, this is far more preferable then a hectic and stressed filled morning. I’m pretty busy home schooling 4 kids, 1 of them in the autism spectrum and who-knows-what-else. Many mornings I feel as if I have NO TIME. I am sure you have felt this way as well, hmm?

So, what is my advice about waking up? Try listening to something positive as you do so. It’s amazing what positive music can do for your mindset. You get the same number of hours (or maybe you only have a few mins as you rush through this), but…somehow…they seem to be enough when your mood is relaxed and happy.


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