Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple Open House

Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple Open House

We took that trip in a van packed with family and good friends. A trip that seemed “meant to be”. The weather…was…perfect. The little girl on the so-called “autism spectrum” was well behaved. The boys kept themselves entertained. My hubby and I had the opportunity to share a great experience together, our friends shared the front as the hubby drove, and my sister and HER hubby joined us for the ride.

Everything went so well. The trip there. The late afternoon picnic at the nearby park. The slightly sleepy trip home. It seemed a blessed time. What else could it have been with 10 people packed in a van for 3 hours, a 1.5 hour tour, and 3 hours packed again on the way back?

Blessed, defiantly.


2 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple Open House

  1. It is marvelous to me that there is a Temple in Ft. Lauderdale. I remember, before I joined the Church, when they were struggling to get chapels built. Great to see the Gospel gathering in more and more people to receive the ordinances that unlock Heaven to them.

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