Laughter: A Poem

Laughter: A Poem


It’s the wind at my back
The sun in my face.
It’s the rain on my head
falling as tears on my cheeks.
It’s the laughter in you
that’s become a part of me.

It’s those sunny days
that slow the pace.
It’s the fall of leaves
that blanket the earth.
It’s the love in you
that’s sets me free.

It’s the night as it falls
the stars laying out their sparkling net.
It’s the new sun rising
that brings the dew.
It’s the sadness in you
That fills me with pain.

It’s the sound of singing
the pulse of notes.
It’s the stroke of fingers
across those melodic strings
It’s the sound of your voice
that sets me at ease.

Christina A Chiarillo



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