My Heart Swells With Yours

My Heart Swells With Yours

You came to me, Such a young soul
Knowing too much.
With tears in your eyes, You revealed to me
a broken heart.

To be a witness to your revelation;
To be blessed by your warmth;
is ever more then what
I deserve.

We sat together
you and I.
Two people of shared blood
Sharing so much more.

Sometimes what God reveals
to another
Is also meant to
enlighten you.

My blood, my heart, you’ve reawakened
my soul.
A blissful joy I had forgotten.
Thank you for sharing your testimony.


The Fruit Seller Problems.

I reblog this for more then one reason: 1. I just like the way it was written 2. It has such a fabulous idea on teaching math 3. You can glean a bit about the need for maintaining communication between you and those you love.

A Poem: Sunset

A Poem: Sunset

There is that quiet pause,
that moment when darkness
presents itself to us.
The earth lays out her
starry blanket,
allowing the night to
claim the day.

The pause flitters away
leaving behind the
twittering songs of insects.
Erie eyes, a glow with
the moons pale light
make their way across
the darkened land.

So, as we tuck ourselves
away into our beds…
some warm..
some cold..
we ought to know,
life goes on after sunset.

My thoughts on the upcoming MMO Game: WildStar

This video is based on the “almost here!” game called WildStar. The video is pretty clean, so should be safe for the workplace and kids.

The game has a Teen Rating and should be considered carefully before you allow younger children to play it. Mostly, it’s a language issue when compared to other MMOs. It’s pretty cartooney and does not have a dark realistic appearance or true gore. You can probably use language filters to get around the frequent cursing. If your fine with MMOs in general and are concerned with language, then WildStar is fine with language filters from what I saw in open beta.

So…what caused this game to catch my eye? Well, it’s a bit reminiscent of looney toons in it’s “personality” with a dose of adult humor. I consider myself a rather clean person and normally do not seek out any sort of entertainment that is overtly rude when it comes to language and themes. Still, I want a game not geared at a child that is still fun with the option of not dealing with constant profane language. You can achieve this with WildStar in my opinion, just use the usual language filters and choose who you game with as you would any friend. With some consideration and thought.

What are some of the features of this game, anyways? Oh..where does one start?! To take directly from the game website’s latest promotional video :

“WildStar, a deep, sprawling space adventure set on the mysterious planet Nexus. This isn’t just another sci-fi MMO with pretty colors. It’s a completely new frontier. Know what else? The game play is awesome. Plain and simple…

(It continues)…Double jump…epic battles…player housing …lots of customization (look, craft, fight, mounts)…battlegrounds, arenas, and war plots…the ability to level entirely through PVP. Into epic stories? Adventures, group choices, dungeons, and epic raids…”seriously they’ll rip your face off..Hardcore.”

“It is full of mystery, adventure, and pure unadulterated awesome-sauce. the only thing missing is *you*.”

So, there you have it…most of that was straight from their own video with a few edits for space. want to see the video, just go to for the full dialogue.

Sometimes I Just Gotta Say Something!

Sometimes I Just Gotta Say Something!

*Note: I originally posted this to my Face Book Wall*

If I share something I thought was true, but you know of a legitimate and non-hateful link that shows otherwise, feel free to reply to such a post with that link. I would rather know the facts, the truth, then to continue to propagate a lie. Just sharing a link to help me and others know something was skewed or not true is something I would appreciate. Call me an idiot and I might be upset, but an honest “Just wanted you to know the truth” link I will be just fine with

Also, I feel VERY strongly about posts that put down any particular group of people. I don’t care what religion, sexual preference, lifestyle, clothing choice, jobs, whatever. I don’t want to see hate on my walls. Those that I follow or allow to post on my walls are those who consistently post loving things. yes, they will have their rants and their frustrations. We ALL do. I will see those and be fine. i will want to support them. But, if someone is going to spew and share hateful posts and I KNOW it’s based on skewed facts, I will attempt to share a link to help them understand they are just being used to spread a lie.

I’m not doing it to judge them. Since they made it to my friends list, I am sorta assuming you did not know and would never purposely spread a lie. I would assume you would want the truth. You don’t even need to apologize or reply to such a thing. It is not necessary or required. All I care about is the truth was learned and we all went our way.

Hopefully you will realize we can still be friends even IF you decide to keep believing what you do. However, if I have to keep seeing hateful remarks against a group of people from you on my wall, you will be removed. If I am going to get put down for simply sharing a link that gave facts in a non confrontational manner, you will be removed. You would do the same, most likely.

I absolutely love diversity. Seeing new ways of doing things. I find it fascinating and interesting to read and learn about what people say, do, and think about the way they live their lives. It’s true, I have my beliefs. I try to live a certain way, but I will not hate anyone who is not like me or does not believe the same. I will not share hate messages about people and places just because they are not in my direct circle of life. I WANT my circle to encompass the globe. I want to love and be loved. I want to share love.

Life Hacks: Using apps to teach without a lesson plan. Ingress the Game

Life Hacks: Using apps to teach without a lesson plan


This app is just plain FUN.

The premise is your an agent. You belong to one of 2 factions. Are you here to keep humanity free or are you here to control them? You decide.

Once you decide, you take your handy dandy *comm unit*…WALK. yes, boys and girls, you have to walk. You will be searching for *portals* to *hack* them and other actions for your faction. Portal locations happen to coincide with real historical events or places.

Life Hack#1: Exercise

Life Hack #2: Get to know whatever area you happen to be in.

Life Hack #3: Learn about historical events that have really happened.

Life Hack #4: My nephew came up with this. Metric unit conversion, since the game uses that.

Life Hack # ??: I am sure there could be more.

The trick isn’t that you do anything. You just play the came. This all just sorta part of the experience. Your going to automatically accomplish these things.

So far, it’s on Google Play and android. I believe they are making an apple version. I hope they do just so more people can get out there and Hack Life!