Life Hacks: Using apps to teach without a lesson plan. Ingress the Game

Life Hacks: Using apps to teach without a lesson plan


This app is just plain FUN.

The premise is your an agent. You belong to one of 2 factions. Are you here to keep humanity free or are you here to control them? You decide.

Once you decide, you take your handy dandy *comm unit*…WALK. yes, boys and girls, you have to walk. You will be searching for *portals* to *hack* them and other actions for your faction. Portal locations happen to coincide with real historical events or places.

Life Hack#1: Exercise

Life Hack #2: Get to know whatever area you happen to be in.

Life Hack #3: Learn about historical events that have really happened.

Life Hack #4: My nephew came up with this. Metric unit conversion, since the game uses that.

Life Hack # ??: I am sure there could be more.

The trick isn’t that you do anything. You just play the came. This all just sorta part of the experience. Your going to automatically accomplish these things.

So far, it’s on Google Play and android. I believe they are making an apple version. I hope they do just so more people can get out there and Hack Life!


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