My thoughts on the upcoming MMO Game: WildStar

This video is based on the “almost here!” game called WildStar. The video is pretty clean, so should be safe for the workplace and kids.

The game has a Teen Rating and should be considered carefully before you allow younger children to play it. Mostly, it’s a language issue when compared to other MMOs. It’s pretty cartooney and does not have a dark realistic appearance or true gore. You can probably use language filters to get around the frequent cursing. If your fine with MMOs in general and are concerned with language, then WildStar is fine with language filters from what I saw in open beta.

So…what caused this game to catch my eye? Well, it’s a bit reminiscent of looney toons in it’s “personality” with a dose of adult humor. I consider myself a rather clean person and normally do not seek out any sort of entertainment that is overtly rude when it comes to language and themes. Still, I want a game not geared at a child that is still fun with the option of not dealing with constant profane language. You can achieve this with WildStar in my opinion, just use the usual language filters and choose who you game with as you would any friend. With some consideration and thought.

What are some of the features of this game, anyways? Oh..where does one start?! To take directly from the game website’s latest promotional video :

“WildStar, a deep, sprawling space adventure set on the mysterious planet Nexus. This isn’t just another sci-fi MMO with pretty colors. It’s a completely new frontier. Know what else? The game play is awesome. Plain and simple…

(It continues)…Double jump…epic battles…player housing …lots of customization (look, craft, fight, mounts)…battlegrounds, arenas, and war plots…the ability to level entirely through PVP. Into epic stories? Adventures, group choices, dungeons, and epic raids…”seriously they’ll rip your face off..Hardcore.”

“It is full of mystery, adventure, and pure unadulterated awesome-sauce. the only thing missing is *you*.”

So, there you have it…most of that was straight from their own video with a few edits for space. want to see the video, just go to for the full dialogue.


One thought on “My thoughts on the upcoming MMO Game: WildStar

  1. So, I’ve decided upon a guild and it seems pretty kewl! If your interested in playing WildStar, but still have not picked a guild…check this one out!!about/c1l56

    We are playing Exiles or the Stormtalon server, just to clarify.

    Name of the guild is: Quantum Academy

    Core Values:
    Mature, Fun, Friendly, Casual, Experienced, Semi-Hardcore, & Outstanding Administrative Support

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