Almost Friends

I feel the need to share this again because of the emotional reaction I am experiencing regarding a personal situation. I have no other way to express it at this moment.

Kri's Kurious Korner

Almost Friends


There was a pause in my day,
a break from the usual,
when I came across you.

I was shy at first,
but you dragged me in
and opened my heart.

And for a single day,
we shared our lives,
our voices melding.

Alas, it was not meant to be,
for I evoked your trust
and revealed myself.

The pain of your rejection
was more then I imagined.
It was just one day we shared.

So here I sit…thinking…
of one who touched me,
my almost friend.

Christina A. Chiarillo

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Andrew and Michael SnS August 2014


A bang, a groan, loud complaining.

“Your mean!” and “Ma! Tell him to stop!”

Every day, all day. Or so it seems.

Ma wants to hide in her closet until…

…they get over it.


Brothers. Fighting. Always, it seems.


A laugh, a cheer, loud exultation.

“Your turn!” and “Ma! Come see what we did!”

Every day, all day. Or so it seems.

Ma wants to join in and play until…

…they get over it.


Brothers. Playing. Always, it seems.



Just a Letter



July 2014 sprint phone 098

Just a Letter

It was just a little letter.
sent from long ago.
Today I held it in my hands
my heart stopped a moment.

It was just a letter
sent from those who cared.
Today I opened it
my eyes filled with tears.

It was just a letter
sent from the heart
Today I read it
and peace filled my heart.

It was just a letter
sent in rememberance.
Today I set it down
and a smile brightened my eyes.

Some of my favote Christian/family safe music

Some of you may think there is no rock’n christian music out there…and you would be wrong!

It is true, some of the old standbys (And still great) are contemporary or classic, but there is no reason one can not praise God in any and all music styles. here are some of my favorites I have saved to youtube.

Christian Music Kri Likes!

Flowers in the Sand

July 2014 sprint phone 105Sometimes you go to a place because it’s where everyone else went that day. In this case, it was the Youth from our church. We all gathered at the beach early one evening recently to do a trash pick up. The beach was surprisingly clean, but we did find not only trash, but a few treasures.

Of course, I’ve been using my new (Well, have had it a few months now!) motorola phone to take pictures. The quality you get these days from just pointing and taping a screen is amazing. I feel like a pro..almost.

I am enjoying the things I come across. It seems that looking at the world through the screen as I look for that next nice (sometimes even great?) shot, I notice the little things more. I notice how beautiful it all is. And I would have never found flowers in the sand if I had not been looking to take pictures.