Climate Change and It’s Effects on a Company

foodwastereduction-300x279Food Companies Climate Risk Disclosure

I admit, I suffer from the malady of “Getting my news from FaceBook” way too often. I do, however, tend to verify certain claims, at least. In this case, what triggered my deep thought for the day was the above article (See link). This does not really require I verify the source since I already have been following the subject of Climate Change and Life Style choice for quite awhile now. The following is something I posted on Face Book and I wondered: What do you think?

So, I had a thought after I read this….

I know, in the United States at least, that way too many of us (Myself included) have not been living the healthiest of lifestyles. Too much sugar. Too much processed foods. Too much soda. Pretty much…too much of everything, but not enough of the vital stuff. Such as water, exercise, and even sunshine.

Please keep in mind this is a very ‘rough draft’ thinking that popped into my head that I wanted others to possibly refine and think about (I will as well!). This is not a simple process. Something that happened over night. We have so many issues plaguing the world with this problem and that.

But, as I read over this and I saw how it would affect these companies, I thought having less of their products (And all the OTHER companies not on this list), it would continue to force us to make changes. Positive changes. It will be required just so we can survive what we have done, as people, to our own world. To ourselves.

And maybe, in time…we will learn to live differently then we are now. We won’t be constantly faced with choosing between this less healthy (cheaper) alternative and the too expensive, healthier choice. What we will have left is something better. Not as easy. Not as convenient. Just better.

Climate change is the consequence of how we have been living our lives, generally, as a country (And the world). It is having far reaching effects. Some rather mild, some not so mild. Climate change, perhaps, is mother nature’s way of forcing us to make changes within ourselves. Once that happens, I really would not be surprised if the Earth finds itself back into better balance.

What do you think of these thoughts? Do you find yourself making even little changes to try and lead a healthier, earth friendly lifestyle? A YOU friendlier lifestyle?