So, what’s going on these days?

Andrew and Michael SnS August 2014I’ve been home schooling for about 4 years now. I’ve tried a variety of things. Some have worked fabulously. Some I knew very quickly *Nope!* and a few worked well, but then had to make adjustments and changes the following year.

People change, and few change faster then children and young people!

This year, my ‘lottery win’ was to send each boy an email with instructions for the week (and each day). They follow up at the end of the day by responding to that email what they did. They also must send the scores they got, along with proof. Usually in the form of a file (Screen shots work as well for online testing they did). Occasionally they type their work directly into their email response to me.

The next morning (I get up before they do) I go over their emails and respond back with comments and encouragement along with updated instructions for the new day. Again, they respond once they are done in the same manner. I do this each day of the week (Monday-Friday). It has gotten the very best results out of everything thus far.

Also, I find it best to always do Monday-Friday. I never have short weeks. If something is going to interrupt the week, the beauty of home schooling is: I can take that week off and start fresh the next week. We still start and end right around the traditional public school times each year.

The boys use a variety of methods for schooling. We use My Father’s World for hands on activity involving mostly history and literature. The high schoolers use Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool (The high school site) for math, science, and foreign languages. My youngest uses MFW curriculum as well, but at a Jr High level his lessons are supplemented by EP as well for Language Arts/Reading, science, and Spanish. He struggles with math and I was finally able to afford him using CTC Math and it has been amazingly effective. He stopped complaining about math!

Yes, they all read books on their own, use the XBOX Kinect for exercise, and go to the park daily for outside time. They game a TON in their spare time. We are a gaming family. We also play board games, watch shows and movies together, and spend a lot of time having friends and family over.

July 2014 sprint phone 021My youngest has always been the more social one and happily plays outside (and inside) with the neighbor kids. He will usually jump at the chance to go to an event with others his age. My eldest is far less comfortable in a group due to bullying he suffered through when we did have him in public school. He has come such a long way and is openly friendly. He also has a strong relationship with an online friend. And yes, I’ve checked it out. Thoroughly.

187My nephew, the other high schooler, joins us each week. His big thing is Dust 514. His scheduling pretty much matches my eldest son’s, though he is has become more focused on physical activity of late.

Getting to this point was not easy. It still is not “easy” I just better know what to do. It took time to get to that point and some days the boys are not at their best. Some days it is not ME at my best. Still, it was the very best decision for these particular boys.

Homeschooling is not for every child or family. The same family could have successfully had one child in public school with few issues while one (or more) needed a more hands on approach. Some use public School for all their children. Some use the home schooling method for all. What matters, in the end, is that you did your best to meet your child’s need when given the opportunity.