Life, the Universe, and God’s Bigger then even that!

Today is chock full of blessings! I want to give all Glory and Thanksgiving to God. I’ve been working hard to be ‘temple worthy’ to strive to live as a woman after God’s own heart and to be a good example to my friends and family.

Even though I was not someone who struggled with alcohol or anything, I decided to stop drinking completely. I realized that my having that 1 or 2 drinks, even occasionally was making it hard for those around me that could not stop at 1 or 2.

The thing was…even though I drank infrequently and almost never more then 1 or 2…not drinking at all was harder then I thought it would be when out with friends in DownTown. Interestingly enough, it was someone that struggled with drinking on a regular basis that gave me the most support AND reminders of what I said I was not going to drink. She also did it in a loving manner. I also noticed that each time, she drank far less because I was not drinking.

Perhaps you are wondering what this has to do with blessings from God. Well, this is my testimony that when you follow God’s precepts and keep your body clean like a temple, He does bless you! And He blessings you so much more then you ever could realize.

I prayed that God would bless my efforts with Mary Kay and He has. I prayed He would provide a way for me to make my Star. He did not give me that. I admit I had to pray for a graceful response to this fact and remind myself that God had even better things in store for me. I knew if I kept working my business it would still yield good things.

What I did not know was God had even bigger blessings coming my way. This morning, I received and email from my aunt Karen .She is from my father’s side of the family and I had not seen any of them since I was young. Now, suddenly I have reconnected with many from my family, including my grandmother!!

Also, I can not forget Samantha​, my Step sister, who found us just last week ❤

So much is coming my way right now I feel like I can not catch my breath, but in a good way!

Because…not only has all the above happened for me and my family, I’ve been looking into new curriculum that would provide what my boys need at a price I can better afford and I came across Roman Roads Media video high school curriculum. For those that home-school and have used My father’s World, keep following for my reviews this coming fall. I am going to compare the two! Very excited about this opportunity 🙂

So, keep us in your prayers. You are in mine. And, remember, striving to live according to God’s principles are not a burden. The blessings that will come your way will be immeasurable. I testify this in the name of His son, Jesus the Christ.011


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