Addressing Same-Sex Attraction; The LDS View


This post was originally made on my FaceBook a few days ago. I feel it’s important people truly understand what I, as a Mormon, believe when it comes to the issue of Same-Sex Attraction and LGBT rights. I have had too many make assumptions about what I believe because I am a Mormon, including those I thought long time friends. I want to make it very clear, other then I strive harder each day to be more loving and considerate of others and live a lifestyle that is better for my body in multiple ways, my religious view did not actually change much when I got baptized and became a member of the LDS Church. I was already studying and believing what I do quite awhile before I let the first missionary in my door. Frankly, I was rather shocked when I learned what they actually believed. How close it aligned with my own personal studies and conclusions.

I admit, I was one of those that thought I knew what a Mormon believed. I was wrong. Here I am, a Mormon who has been on the other side of being wrong about what a Mormon to please (I beg you!) to actually talk to someone who tries to LIVE according to the precepts of the LDS Church (IE: Jesus) Please do not assume you know, because you very likely have heard what others say in their hateful ignorance about Mormons. At best, I learned it was half-truths.

So, here is the post. There is a link at the end that clarify the LDS view on this subject.

I usually try and keep posts pretty positive or merely share cute and funny messages when on FB. I prefer to not deal with the negative repercussions of openly proclaiming all I believe on a regular basis. Sometimes, though…you have to make a stand.

However, I never expected a friend I had known for years to unfriend me because I said I supported gay rights.

Do not make the assumption that because I support the rights of the LGBT community to be treated with love and respect to mean I am against the traditional family.

More so, to declare that God would never be so cruel as to make another man want another man sexually, they can not be born that way, is a logic fallacy. Bear with me here before you possibly jump to conclusions!

I agree. God would not be that cruel. I also do not think God is so cruel as to force babies to be born drug addicts or have cleft lip pallet. Some of us are born with brain tumors. I do not blame God for my brain tumor.

Would it be logical for someone to tell me that the reason my tumor exists is because I chose it to exist because ‘God would not be so cruel’?

Some might say one has nothing to do with the other, but a logic fallacy is a logic fallacy and one of the easiest ways to figure out if you are dealing with one is to see if it stands up to having the subject swapped out for another. I am not talking about just being silly, of course. But, when a statement sounds completely and utterly ridiculous when you put it to the test….

You might be dealing with a logic fallacy.

(This statement in no way constitutes the entirety of all that I believe. Be careful when assuming the ‘all’ of what another believes due to one shared post when they are only attempting to show they believe in loving others and not denying basic human rights simply because they do not believe the same way or live in a way that particular person approves)

PS: It is perfectly OK if you disagree or do not believe as I do. For me, that is not an automatic reason we can not be friends. I will not tell you to ‘keep your <blank> views to yourself’ unless you are actually attacking others with it or I have proof the information is incorrect. There is a difference between sharing and expressing what you believe verses posting discriminatory messages about others.

I am Mormon. I believe in the traditional (1 Man and 1 woman) family unit. I ALSO believe that just because I believe in the family unit does not mean it is OK for me to treat those who live and believe different unfairly and with rudeness and hatred. I sure would not want them to hate me because I happen to believe in my marriage.

To get a clearer picture on the official stance of the LDS church, please see this link: Addressing same-sex attraction


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