EverQuest Progression Server “Ragefire” to Go Live May 20th


Friends and family have decided to get together to play EQ again together. Some of us have been hardcore raiders in the past, but have put that behind us for things like family and jobs. However, this does not mean we don’t want to play our beloved games with those we know and like. Heck, we like to meet others who enjoy the same thing!

Our guild name is Cross Guard. Some of you might recognize it from Forsaken World.

We will be playing casual on the new Progressive server. Many are on during the late mornings and afternoon EST, with grouping multiple times a week in the evenings after dinner (7pm-ish) for a couple/few hours for our working members. We are looking for other casual players who want to have fun together who do not feel the need for continuous hard core raiding. EQ is such that raiding (outdoor bosses, not instance raids) is not feasible for those who can not be up all hours of the night 7 days a week when it comes to such things. However, there is so much more to the game then that, and a good group of people can bring a lot of fun times and even challenges with one another.

Because we intend to be mostly a casual guild, we would also be the perfect home for alts of those hard core players that just want a more relaxed place to play at times without the pressure of their hard core guild. We only ask these players log in and play once a week (Prefer 3 :P). We are also perfect for those who like to spent most their time building up tradeskills over leveling.

No one is going to tell you that you *must* level to stay with us. Just keep in mind there are level restrictions when grouping that is part of the game we can do nothing about. It will be up to you to be close enough to leveling with the group you decide to play with. Some things we simply can not change in a game :/

EQ is free to play on their normal servers, but Progressive servers do require an All Access Pass. If you have been gone awhile or starting a new account, then I recommend you start Here. This will give you refer a friend benefits, which are limited on a progressive server, but has multiple rewards on regular servers should you choose to check those out as well. The biggest benefit of being an All Access Pass member is you also can play their other games as well at no additional charge. You also get a monthly allowance of DayBreak Cash (500) and a 10% discount off their cash store, including expansions.

So, if you want to see what it’s like in semi-classic EQ where nothing is going to be just given to you while still engaging with a friendly group of people that will not be raiding every night of the week, then look up up on the 20th on Ragefire when it goes live. You can also join our RaidCall Link Here and apply to join our room #9354557. You might have to wait to be accepted depending on the timing, so be patient!

Happy gaming!