When You Need More

I’ve reached that point in my life where I am feeling a “hole” in my life. My 2 boys rarely need my direct help with their schooling. Mostly reminders and consequences of being responsible. While my niece is soon to return to my educational care in about a week, that too is something that I handle with ease.

Kids and Greg at Turkey Creek 2016

Niece, hubby, eldest boy, youngest boy

However, it is those very children that promted me to seek my next step forward in my own life. I am going back to school this fall. My area of study? Communication Sciences & Disorders. I’ve been toying with this in my personal fantasies for such a long time, but never felt I was in a place where I could properly dedicate myself to ensure I did well and could turn it into a successful and meaningful career. In short, I could not afford to waste time and money on it.

Now, I did not suddenly come into riches, so money is still an issue, but I went ahead and took that step and re-applied to the college I attended back in young adult-hood. I actually have quite a few credits and it should only take about a year before I am able to move on from my AA to my Bachelor’s degree. Once I knew what classes I should sign up for this fall, I applied for FASFA online. I am awaiting the results to see what I will receive to help me achieve my goals. Fingers crossed!


I have several reasons for pursuing my career. The first being; I have had a passion for helping children and families achieve their very best. I narrowed it down to the field I have due to speech challenges being rather common in my family. I had it to a small degree, my eldest son (my youngest as well, but he was a “sympathetic speaker” and was actually just mimicking his older brother for awhile), and my niece. My niece is 10 years old and her challenges are far more severe than mine or my own children have ever been. She can not really even read, write, or verbally communicate too well.

The second reason I am pursuing my career is to be able to earn a high enough income that would allow my husband to pursue his passion. He is very good at computer repair, building, solving program challenges, and most other things in running a computer. He would love to have his own business in doing this, but having a steady income insures we can pay the bills. I want to earn enough that this will not be a worry and he could put his time and energy into that dream.

Fooling aorund in BBB

Hubby, myself, and our daughter

After all, there is no reason I can not help the members of my family, earn a great income, and encouraging my husband to pursue his dreams as well.


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