PokemonGo: So much HYPE!

I know there is a lot of HYPE about this game, both positive and negative. I want to be clear that I absolutely condone and support this game!

Pokemon Teams

The negative I’ve run across personally is mostly negated by the fact I always go with a group. I think we ran across one set of people (Blue team) that turned their noses at us because we are Valor, but we just shrugged and moved on. I have seen a lot of bad attitudes in social media between the teams and I view it with some confusion because we are all people playing the same game.

The other negative is when we do go out (and we don’t out every night) we tend to be VERY tired by the time we get home and mornings are a little rougher. Working on timing that part better! I know we will find a happy median that balances playing this game with our responsibilities.

I will cover one more negative outside of the rare instances of accidents, murders, and robberies I am sure you would have read all about: Not everyone is respectful of the location and times they are at. If you are hunting late a night, be considerate. I know we all really want that Pokemon, but if we are to prove to the naysayers we are not all “10-year olds” we have to act with tact, politeness, and awareness of what is going on around us.


Everything else has been mostly positive: A friend we have known for years have now come out with us TWICE the past few days. It’s is really nice catching up with old friends! You will, of course, be making new friends as well playing PokemonGo. Not only that, I have finally been able to share something with my best friend. She has been into Pokemon a long time, because of her kids “she says”. She is a font of knowledge when trying to figure out “What the heck Pokemon is that?!”.

I also got to hang with my nephew, and we all had a really great time with him as well. My husband and I have something neat to share and talk about, which improves our marriage even more. Our sons, who do not really play, have even gone out to walk with us. They stop to look at the sights or swing on the swings in the parks we come across. Family time is a definite positive for PokemonGo.

Pokemon FamilySource

Now, if you are on social media, I am sure you have seen many a meme, especially the first couple days, about sore legs. All those actively playing this game are getting a decent amount (if not more!) of EXERCISE. There is even a meme that mentions everyone should take a “before” picture and then post a follow up every 30 days to show their personal progress in getting into better shape. If this is not a plus to those living in a country that is known for being the most obese country in the world I don’t know what to tell you.

Before and after PokemonGo.pngSource

Finally (and I am sure there are more!), I’ve discovered places in my town that I’ve either never realized existed or forgot about (Been here 40 years now). Taking pictures has be a fun part of this game! I have seen neat murals, amazing buildings, natural and gorgeous spots, and rediscovered the joy of being out on a breezy day along the river’s edge. Being able to get out and go while dragging along the hubby, friends, and family that actually want to join me for PokemonGo has been one of the greatest blessings I’ve had in a long time.

So, yes…I play PokemonGo and I am proud of it.