The 5 Paragraph Blog: A New Start

You might have noticed I have a struggle (or 12) and it can bleed into my writing if you know what to look for. It is these struggles that bring me here this morning. You see, I live with chronic depression. It eats at the very fabric of my life and frequently makes just living my life a challenge. I don’t know how I get through it some days. I also frequently think about how I am not really good at anything. But, then this strange little idea popped into my head; I can be pretty good at the 5 paragraph essay. But, will it be worth it? Well, all I have to do is come up with 3 reasons! I think it will help me with my depression. It will also strengthen my writing skills and allow me to connect with other people.

So…depression. It’s such a dirty word to me. It dirties my soul. It discolors so much in my life on a daily basis. To say it makes me absolutely miserable on a daily, nay hourly, basis some weeks would be an understatement. Those of you that have dealt with any sort of clinical depression will understand this is not something you can just ignore or shut off at the convenience and will of those around you that just want you to get your crap together. However, I’ve found distraction can be helpful. The trick is to make it a healthy one until the moment, however long, finally passes where your brain is not dumping chemicals into your blood system to wreck havoc on your ability to function. I believe this 5 paragraph blog idea of mine could provide a good distraction that will yield multiple good benefits.

I’ve been writing for a very long time. Be it poetry, short stories, or cranking out essays. In fact, they were usually so very easy for me, that when in college, it kept me on the Dean’s List. It did not matter the topic, I could nearly always write about it and get a good grade from the teacher. I have always credited this ability with the fact I understood the 5 paragraph essay format so well that I could turn it into a 5-page term paper. Or a 10 page one. But, as with any skill, practice does make perfect and I don’t write nearly as much as I did in my younger days. It is my belief that using my 5 paragraph essay blog idea will provide the perfect means to gain regular practice that will help improve my writing skills.

If there is one thing I love, it is connecting with people. Heck, I love people in general. I care about that stranger walking down the street. My heart goes out to all those I see that are suffering. I wish I could help them all. I am not just saying this. It is the absolute truth. You..yes you mean something important to me. I want everyone on this earth to find joy. Perhaps, though my efforts on this blog I can achieve a stronger connection with others that will achieve this larger goal in my heart.

I hate to say it, but the most difficult part of writing this for me was being interrupted by my sister with a small crisis. I can say this, the very act of writing it allowed me to not drop into a tailspin of despair when she called to explain her latest trouble. And to assure you, my reader…it really is a small thing and it will be taken cared of. Not only that, I believe it helped me focus on writing again and I can definitely see how using this format will help improve my writing over time. And, because one major goal is to be able to connect with others; feel free to suggest, or even challenge me, with topics I can write about using the 5 paragraph essay format.

Until the next one.



22 thoughts on “The 5 Paragraph Blog: A New Start

  1. That makes 6 paragraphs ..

    “until the next one”

    .. just saying .. hhehe

    Heck! I wish I had some writing skills whatsoever in me. I have so many story ideas for my gaming characters (or should I say alter egos?)

    – oh my god .. its Mav

    • Mav, if you have any story or topic ideas int hat head of yours, then just post them here and I can see about writing something up. I am hoping to do this daily, but at least once a week.

      • Gooooooooshh .. what I have in my head? That is a dark, wierd and messy universe that all psionic should stay away.

        Anyways .. as we have talked on messenger .. my text brought some ideas. Lets start with:

        – The necessary evil
        – Why do we have the necessity to fill in into buckets?
        – Healthy food or fast food? Its my body not your choice.

        Hmm .. that is what I can think of in a short notice. I just let my brain spit it out. I didnt even sort the ideas out. But anyways .. you asked for challenge.

        – Oh my god .. its Mav again

  2. Why not participate in NaNoWriMo 2016? You can do a 5 paragraph essay a day, so long as you average out to 1,667 words a day (to get the full 50,000 words for the month) . And also suggest to write about how you are feeling, maybe even write about things troubling you – now and in the past. It might help you with depression. And if you don’t finish – that’s fine, too. Do it for you. And do it just to try. ^_^ ❤

    • It’s a good..and damn scary..idea. I really want to stick to the format I chose, so if I took on that challenge, I would have to write 2-3 essays daily to hit that average. Regardless, the writing will be good for me, I am sure and it might help me with an end goal amidst all the topic ideas I am looing for.

  3. Great solution, Kri, using your talents to keep yourself focused on something positive and constructive while helping others. Way to go!!! 🙂

  4. This is a great idea! Writing is such a beautiful form of expression. This sounds like a perfect healthy outlet to help deal with what you’re going through. I think you’re so brave for sharing something so intimate as well. Letting other people be a part of your struggle is really an amazing thing, because you never have to be alone. Always know that there are other people out there dealing with the same things you are. I know it’s not easy, but knowing that you’re not alone in the fight can be so very comforting. I recently bought a journal and want to start writing as well because I know it can be very beneficial. Personally, I prefer a less structured form of writing, but I can definitely see the benefit of giving yourself a 5 paragraph outline. Honestly, due to my OCD, I’d probably benefit more from it, so I might consider it myself. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, radrach09. I admit I am surprised at how many this struck a chord with. I know many struggle with chronic depression and other illnesses that make their day to day lives a struggle, but I still feel so alone at times regardless of all the information I have gathered on the subject over the years. Maybe it will be an unintended side effect that not only will I be helping myself, but others as well?

      • I completely understand. I often feel alone in my struggle as well. I think it’s a normal response. Though so many people face similar struggles, everyone goes through it differently and it’s hard to feel like others understand sometimes. I definitely think you’ll not only be helping yourself, but others as well.

  5. Kri, you have a great talent for writing. I’ll bet that helps as you teach your children. Keep it up. I’m sorry that you are suffering. You are a great lady with an enormous heart.

    • Thank you, Linda. I appreciate the words of encouragement and support. I always searching for ways to better myself and to improve my outlook on life and this 5 Paragraph Blog idea popped into my head this morning for some reason. If you have any topics you would like me to cover, feel free to suggest them here.

  6. Well my dear sister, Depression is a heart felt cord in our family and across the world.
    Weather you are young old fat thin have an athlete’s body. It hits a cord with every human being. sometimes hitting others soo hard they do thing’s they shouldn’t. As you know I struggle each day with depression. Some times I want to just go hide but, I know I can not so writing is a good outlet as well as praying to our father in heaven. True love unconditional even from God and a select other’s. I know you love me unconditionally as God does and so does my kids, Steve, and mom of coarse. I say live life to the fullest. Do what your heart and soul direct you to and listen to the silent whispers of God…

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Daphne. I really loved your last sentence “Do what your heart and soul direct you to and listen to the silent whispers of God”.


  7. I love it! Writing is a wonderful form of therapy, and you certainly have a talent for it! I’d love to read more about how your family is, the beauty and beasts of parenting, and things that matter most to you 🙂

    I miss you and hope you are doing well!

  8. Well said, my dear! I look forward to reading more posts from you. If I think of any topics that I feel would make for a good writing assignment, I will defiantly let you know. I can relate to what you’re discussing on depression. I’ve had many dark times in my life and am happy to say that I only get smaller moments of out of the middle of nowhere sadness that at least is manageable. Lately, it seems like I’ve been so busy and focused with school and work and it hasn’t given me too much time to dwell on things to make me sad. Hoping that when I finish with school that I’ll have more free time for fun but won’t get any dark clouds following me.

  9. The darkest cloud is your shadow if you allow it to eat at you it will… As long as you listen closely to the whisper’s of God you can fight the dark shadows and be strong stand firm and proud…

    • Your prose is beautiful, yet I really dislike it when people say “If you allow it”. Trust me, I don’t allow the darkness to eat at me. It’s hungry regardless. Don’t take my disagreement the wrong way, please. I just have way too many experiences where people assumed the reason I suffered was because I somehow allowed it or outright choose it. Now, knowing you…it was meant for comfort, but because of the mocking and anger I have faced as someone that suffers through depression that can be debilitating, I’m very sensitive to that particular phrasing. I believe it better to let others know how something affects me, even if it’s not something I can take as a positive.

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