The 5 Paragraph Blog: 3 Faeries (Fiction)

I remember waking up from the same old nightmare, my body stiff with terror. I barely breathed, so caught up in the images that skittered through my mind. It took an eternity, it seemed, before dawn lit my room enough for me to feel safe enough to pull the blankets from my face. My skin was so hot from the trapped air that the sweat made the separation from the fabric a nearly painful process. Gingerly my wary eyes tracked across my room as I eased myself into an upright position.

Shock iced it’s way into my bloodstream when my flittering eyes fell upon the walnut skin of a small wizened…man? He was sitting on the edge of my bed, looking worn and drawn. I grappled with the thought of my own sanity as I stared at him with a gasp. He smiled tiredly, yet gently, speaking in a soothing voice. “Ye be a’ight lass. Ye be safe!” he ended on a slightly elevated note. He looked at me with some curiosity as he asked himself thoughtfully “How come ye see me today, though?” I blinked at him, rather stupidly I might add, and shook my head. “I..I don’t know.”

“Hmmmmmm…” he mused thoughtfully, drawing the single sound out quite a long way. He turned and spoke to a spot on my dresser and I felt helplessly drawn to look at the source of his attention. A part of me knew, before my brain did, what to expect. Another equally fantastic creation, though this one light and airy. Beautiful in her quick and elegant movements. As opposite the wizened  little man, her appearance was the pure embodiment of innocence and youth. Tiny, yes, but with a brilliance that instantly removed all fear and shock from my system. “Triniza! Is this your doing?” The walnut man asked. Triniza laughed a delightfully pretty laugh and sang out “Of course, dear!”.

Both of us looked at the laughing lady with a mixture of amusement and confusion and I found myself blurting out in unison with the old man, “Why?!”. I watched with a hint of trepidation as she streaked over to me on wings so fast they would have put a humming bird to shame. “Why, so you can step on that!” she announced with as much staunch anger as she could muster (Truly difficult for one of her disposition, but she managed) as she flung a finger towards what appeared to be a quickly fleeing glob of…what the hell was that, anyways?!

I leapt from my bed in a fit of disgust and fear, slapping my slippers to my feet. I did not hesitate, I did not question. I allowed myself to be propelled along the path of destroying the ghastly thing slithering away chasing it down before it made it beneath my bedroom door. Slamming a slippered foot on top of it, I heard a burst of sound that popped my ears painfully. Gingerly, I looked to the spot and saw…nothing! Confused I turned to see the other two creatures beginning to fade from sight and I yelled “Wait! What was that thing?” The walnut man smiled, the wrinkles from his face suddenly releasing to show smooth skin “That, my lass, was an Unseelie nightmare giver. Yer free now.”


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