The 5 Paragraph Blog: A Foxy Request

So, this one came during a conversation with another dear friend of mine. He did not come up with any of the typical “Hot Topics” some have fired my way. Instead, he asked if I could do “5 paragraphs on a hot day on main street… from the perspective of a fire hydrant.” Well, then. I told him, “I can do that”. I’ve thought about this a bit and tried to place myself inside the object as best I could. While I can not completely take away some human characteristics in my writing, as is my personal style, I hope you find it at least interesting. Technically the full perspective is only 4 paragraphs, but I promised to limit my posts to 5, so this one happens to count. Here goes!

It’s noisy today. The “clang, clang, clang” of the street trolley rumbles by, vibrating the hot cement I’m attached to. I should say partially attached. Two of the four bolts meant to hold me in place rolled free long ago. I could not tell you where they got off to as my view is extremely limited. That is, to say, I’ve no eyes at all. Not that it is ever been an issue as the most excitement I’ve gotten is the rush of the Down Town crowds hurrying to their coffee shops and boutiques.

The noise begins to drift off as the trolly passes from my road. Only the quiet murmuring of the ladies across the way interrupt the slow and tepid flow of my thoughts. I’d be bored if I were one of those scurrying creatures, I suppose. However, I find it most pleasant taking in my corner, uninterrupted by the flow of activity. That is until I felt a dull smacking. The sound a thud that coursed through my entire structure. Moments later a rush of water, hot from the stored heat at first, burst through my top and the cheering laughter of smaller creatures sounded out as they began to dance around me.

Initially, I was  horrified at the intrusion. I’ve never been used for anything before. Heck, I’ve never understood when passersby referred to me as a “fire hydrant”. I’ve never even seen a fire!  I could not tell you how I was meant to hydrate it, either. But, here I was wetting the now steaming concrete while these smaller ones took obvious enjoyment in the experience. I suddenly realized I’d had no real purpose until this moment and a joy unlike any other streamed through me, forcing the already shooting water into an even higher arc. This, of course, caused shrieks of delight from my happy companions.

As the water continued to pour forth from my top, slowly losing its pressure, a secret satisfaction set itself into the core of my being. Finally, the flow of water died down and the dull thud returned and my top was once again in place. I felt emptied of all pressure and strain. A pressure I never knew had filled me all this time. And, as my new found companions made their way from my small corner, I found myself looking forward to the next hot day for the very first time.


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