The 5 Paragraph Blog: Tritemare

This next piece is something I decided to write all on my own. You are probably wondering what the heck a “Tritemare” is. He’s a “who” not a “what”! The reason I am writing about him today is because of my more recent struggles with depression. You see, Tritemare is a Twitch streamer (Click here to watch!). Not only that, he is the only streamer I have subscribed to. This means I am willing to give him a few bucks each month. But..why would i give my hard earned money to some guy on Twitch? Glad you asked! Well, I would say the first thing that I liked about him was the way he plays his games. Not only that, I love the way he personally engages with his audience. However, my most favorite thing about Tritemare is the fact he dances. Now, before you ask; No, Tritemare did not ask or even suggest I write this post. As I mentioned in my first sentence, I decided to write this piece all on my own.

Gameplay. Gamestyle. Your gaming personality. These things make a huge difference in the gaming experience not only for yourself, but with all those you play with, or even against. Tritemare’s style is that of a child discovering something fantastic for the very first time. Except, he manages this each and every time he plays! He is the Doctor Who of Twitch Streaming. Ha, I went there! Tritemare plays games well, but when he plays a new game or something goes wrong, he does not get his Japanese Pajamas in a bunch and freak out over it. He just picks himself up and goes again. If he does nerd rage, it’s with such endearing quality I admit I usually giggle at him for it.

I suppose it is because of his personality and style he seems to natural engage with his audience on a personal level. Somehow he remembers who I am despite the fact my name in the Twitch chatroom is quite different than the name he sees in the Discord Voice Chat rooms. Tritemare knows who I am. He puts forth the time and effort to know a bit about me and everyone else that comes into his sphere of influence. It’s a huge reason I bring up his stream when I get notified he is going live.

This last reason is my all time favorite thing about Tritemare. Whenever someone subscribes or hits a milestone during his live stream, Tritemare stops what he is doing and brings up Japanese anime songs and begins dancing to them. It’s both the silliest and cutest thing I have ever seen. I have yet to witness this without every last dredge of my depressed mood pulled from me by the time he is done. One drawback that I’ve seen occur is when a new viewer enters the stream and has no clue what is going on. They game to see someone play a game and can be quite confused as to what is going on. Some leave almost immediately, but the curious stay long enough to have it explained to them. Sometimes curiosity does not kill the cat!

Perhaps my little post will intrigue you enough to check out Tritemare. he really is a fantastic young man and his streams are normally fairly clean. However, sometimes people do get a little bit out of hand (as adults are wont to do a time or three) but it’s rare and usually people check themselves before continuing. Either way, I feel you should give him a chance. Not just for the reasons I have given, but to discover other great reasons for yourself.

Until the next one.




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