The 5 Paragraph Blog: Always Changing Games!

I’m a gamer. Of the PC variety. It’s not that I’ve never played console games. I have and I will probably dabble in them again. I even play Trading card games, board games, and other table-top variations. But, what I really love and find the most enjoyable are MMORPGs. What is it about them I love and why have I not been able to find one that captures my interest for more than a week or two this year? For one, gaming is all about the people for me. I also find that many of the games that capture my interest are still being developed. Another is the feeling I’ve already done this…again.

People! People, people people. Anyone that knows me know that I am all about the people. Get me with a nice group I can engage with and they will have me for a good year or two easily. Some I am still playing with off and on 10+ years down the road, but because of games being removed, drama, and just “life circumstances” we’ve not been playing a game together recently. We talk a lot in various chats and voice servers while we watch the ever distant horizon for that new game, making exciting plans of what we will do together, which leads me to my next point.

“Oh man! Just saw another game on Kick-Starter! It looks so kewl! Oh, and look at this one on IndieGoGo! Here, I’ll link it for you. See? Awesome concept, right? When does it come out? Let me check…, looks like it’s not even going to be in Alpha until next year.” Crap, it seems everytime my friends and I happen across what appears to be a really neat game is still in development. I am sure many of those that game have heard about Star Citizen. What about Chronicles of Elyria? It will be quite awhile before these amazing seeming games hit the live market. Until then, we are stuck with….

Is it just me or are a lot of games coming out all seem pretty much the same? Nothing really new and exciting. Frequently you hear that it’s just WoW (World of Warcraft) with a new skin. And many times, they are right. It’s not that developers and gaming companies don’t have any fresh ideas. They  do! It’s just very expensive to develop a game and tried and true formulas that are already successful is a much safer bet for investors. It’s the very reason we have a lot of crowd funding these days. People want something different. It’s just, money…it’s a thing. People don’t want to take too much of a risk. They have bills to pay. In the meantime, we are stuck with the same game frequently repeated with a different mask.

Interestingly enough, writing this gave me another topic to cover in with “5 Paragraphs”. Perhaps in it, I can help come up with solutions to help overcome the things that have made it difficult for me to stick to a game these recent months. It’s important I can play with friends and family. It’s also important I get to experience things fresh and new. It helps me grow as a person, even if “just a game”. But, until funding or game development becomes more financially feasible, many of those games will be years down the road.


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