The 5 Paragraph Blog: A daughter’s Request

I believe I have one of the most beautiful, sweet, and intelligent daughter’s a mother could dream to have. It’s my prerogative and I don’t care if anyone thinks otherwise, so just shut up and read. Laughs and smiles. With that said, my dearest daughter gave me the topic “White Privilege and Rapists”. Wow. I believe I can guess that between her age and the fact she is a college student, works in a medical field, and is a woman; she has been on the receiving end of white male privilege in regards to her own body. You might wonder why I focused in on “White male privilege” when she brought up this topic, but considering this is my daughter, I knew where her thinking stemmed from.

From a personal stance, I can not say that I know a single woman that has not suffered some sort of incident that left her feeling disregarded as a human being simply because she is a woman. This is not to say all men do this because they do not. Not even men are free from being treated in this manner. And to make it perfectly clear how rape relates to privilege: Both are about power. It is so very prevalent in the society I live in that it appears, to me, to not even be recognized in our own behavior at times. But is this really the sole providence of “White male privilege”?

Sadly, it seems to be the most prevalent for people such as my daughter and I. Perhaps it’s where we live? Is it different for others in another country? How about a village in the middle of nowhere? Are the privileges and power afforded the elite different there? One could read a lot about this sort of thing. Explore how their societies are run and compare histories. In the end, I believe there is a common thread. It won’t matter their country, race, culture, or anything else. The type of privilege we are talking about here is not one strictly in the realm of the “white man”. Take a white man and place him in another culture and he might very well find he no longer has the privileges he has been so ingrained with.

So, I am straying from the whole “White Privilege” or “White Male Privilege” stereotype that is bandied about so much in social media these days. Yes, it is there. It exists, but what is it really? It’s “Elite Privilege” , or the power of the elite, and those that fall into this group can vary from country to country, culture to culture, and time period to time period. Even from one town to another where distance is fairly short geographically. Not long ago the only privilege white folks from Ireland has was what was given them from their slave master. Today, a white man can frequently be the one with advantages regardless of the fact he may be from Ireland. Depends what country he is in at the time.

Until the next one.



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