5 Paragraphs: Taking Hits (Fiction Based on the Secret World)

It has only been a few weeks since my husband dragged me in a world where all the Secrets, all the stories. All of it…was true. Legends, conspiracies… All…Of…It. I had given up trying to sort it all out into logical meaning. It was so big, my mind just gave up trying to make sense of it. Instead, I focused myself on my training. On how to survive. It seemed I had an affinity with taking hits and the Bees, of those god-forsaken bees, had decided I was…useful.

It was why I had suffered all those nights burning up in my sheets. It was why my husband had the perfect coolness to help me when the time came. The Bees had decided he would be great for supporting those like me. Imagine that, my husband a healer. Except, that was not the only shocker. In the Secret World..he was a woman named Imez. A woman! Bloody hell. Ok, not thinking about it. Moving on.

So, here I am looking at some guy telling me how I was to choose a weapon. Wait, two weapons and I was to train with them every day on dummies. But, they were not really dummies. They were demons. Demons. I grew up having waking nightmares about the things and now to see that they were real all along was both terrifying and…satisfying. Not only that, I now had the power, though not the control -yet- to fight them face on. Sure, these particular demons were tied up and posed no real danger to me, but years of nightly terrors and always feeling somewhat crazy drove a dark excitement into me. I was going to fight demons, after all.

I examine each of the red velvet lined boxes that showcased each of the weapons I could choose from. Some looked dull and beat up to me, while a few shined like polished silver, the ceiling lights glinting off them brightly. The moment my eyes lit upon the hammer, I knew it was mine. I hefted it’s weight, surprised at how easily I handled it. I’ve never had the strongest arms, yet this weapon felt like it had always been a part of me and I relished the feel of it in my hands. I turned to the man and said “This one”. He nodded curtly and snapped at me with a high-handed tone “Well, go beat one of those assholes and let’s see how you do, Kridina”. I rankled a bit at his tone.  But, I turned to the closest demon hanging nearby and stepped towards it to begin my first practice.

Some time later, I turned from the infernal creature, having learned a few things. The first was that it was not nearly so satisfying having demon gore on you as one might imagine. The second was seeing the demon heal quickly. The third was…it had not made a single sound. I felt a bit depleted and realized, demon or not, I was not comfortable attacking anything bound and helpless. It was only the knowledge of what it had done to others I had been able to continue my practice, but even that was a very small comfort.And, as I cleaned my new weapon and slid it into the carrier on my back, I decided I wanted a real fight.


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