5 Paragraphs: Excerpts from the Dungeon (Fiction Based on the Secret World)

It was an easy run from the rusty, packed sands of the Wabanaki camp as we followed our guide, Zenoren. It only took a few moments before we found another sandy clearing with just a smattering of wilting bushes. I eyed the area carefully while our guide explained this is where Batab Crusher, the Dark House sorcerer, held sway and that in order to achieve our goal of freeing the Wabanaki tribe from the terrors of Wayeb-xul we had to kill him first.

I shuffled in my new armor, a bit uncomfortable with my recent role as the tank. Our guide was well seasoned and had already ran us through several training exercises and was now insisting I begin the actual job of distracting enemies so our damage dealers could safely dispatch them without overtaxing our poor healer, who looked barely old enough to be out of high school. But, I knew this fight thanks to Zen and thudded my way inelegantly to the waiting bushes where I knew Batab was sure to appear.

I expected this to go as smoothly as the training exercises and even Zen had assured, “This will be easy, you got this. Stop worrying so damn much!” With a shrug,  I bellowed out my challenge and Batab dutifully responded. I blinked up, surprised at how big this guy was close up. So much for being some regular human with too much power on their hands- rather like myself – distracted by the stray thought, I fumbled my attack only to find our esteemed Zen on his back. Dead. Just like that, our most experienced comrade had been dispatched with ease and I found myself shouting “What the hell happened?!” because, despite my distraction, he should have easily side-stepped this guy. “My bad!” came his echoing reply. Damn, he is lucky the bees keep bringing us back -Still, have not figured out how that occurred- “I was trying to misdirect him back to you and accidently directed it onto myself”.

To be honest, I did not really understand what he was talking about. I just knew it had not happened before and now he was useless to me until Batab was defeated because the bees had this rule – No coming back until a bad guy was defeated if it had a certain amount of power – I could not tell you if this was because the level of power disrupted their ability on us, but it amounted to the same thing. We had to kill this guy, or die trying, before Zen could reincorporate. With a grunt, I slammed my hammer to the ground and Batab jerked his head back towards me. He was eerily silent as he began to cast a spell in my direction and I flicked on a shield to protect me just enough that Miez could heal me through the attack. My mind filled with what could only be termed as a chaotic rumble, but a part of me somehow knew what to do with it, and the silent Batab was no longer quite so silent as the two damage dealers still alive, Tandora and Song, tore into him with vigor and quickly ended his rage in a flurry of motion as I held him pinned to the ground with only the focus of my thoughts channeled through a chaos charm.

It was only a matter of minutes before the entire fight was over, even from the time I first issued my challenge. Zen was back, dusting off his white suit, looking for all the world as if he stepped off the streets of London from a dance club. I shook my head as I looked around to take in my motley group, but Zen was already halfway to our next destination and I slapped my over-sized hammer to my back and yelled “Come on you guys!” and took off for the next battle.


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