Finding that Game: The Frustrations of current MMORPGs and a Solution

(From my guild page!)

We all remember those glory days. How much work it took to accomplish something in a game like Ever Quest. That feeling of accomplishment one got. Not because it was given to us, but because we took risks and won it for ourselves! It was thoughts such as this that drew us back to that Old School world of EverQuest and to bring CrossGuard to RageFire. We wanted that feeling of accomplishment and growth we had been unable to find anywhere else for a long time.

(*Note* If you are not a big reader, skip to the end for handy bullet points)


It was quite an enjoyable time on RageFire. Then, Phinigel came on the horizon. A server that promised so much, created a ton of excitement, and then left us with the crumbled remains of a great idea that failed to come to fruition. While one can not blame DB games for every single failing we had to deal with as a guild, it was something that affected us greatly.

I, for one, lost much of my drive when they announced EQ Next was canceled. Why? because so many of us had been drawn back to the original EQ just because we were actually waiting for EQ Next. Now, we all know real life always adds to the stress of running a guild and keeping things positive, fresh, and a good experience for its members. The disappointment people felt in the game along with the usual real life turmoils that can occur led to our guild coasting for quite awhile. No direction. Just a vague wish and thought “I really liked it here. I wish we could get that back!”

Well, I am tired of coasting. Tired of wishing for that next great game to get lost in. To experience this great community as we play and grow. Guys, I freaking miss you. I know we chit chat here and there in texts, private messages, FB, and even on Discord. But, I want to play with you. I want to argue over strats, how to handle loot (reasonably!), and I want to do it in a game that will challenge us.


Because of this, I’ve been talking with some of my officers: Ecksesive, Maverix, Ruez, and a few people I’ve gotten to know well since this past summer. While we can not choose a game that will make everyone happy, there does seem a general interest in the upcoming Crow Fall. I’ve looked it over. Watched my videos. Been a good little GL and tried to see how this game can bring us back from our scattered gaming into a team that can laugh, play, and be a little crazy together again.

So, without further ado…I need YOU to join with us! If you are reading this, then it is likely you already know enough about our philosophy to know…we are your guild home. Let’s show Crow Fall what we are made of. Whether you just want to “do your job” and stick to the outer realms of this game, engage in guild v/s guild PVP, or go all the way to player run monarchies, we will welcome you. Be it player, raider, hardcore PVPer, or a person interested in being a part of the leadership, you will have no problem finding your place among us. Because we are CrossGuard and we are your guild.

Bullet Points

1. The Glory days are great to think about, but not always so easy to relive.

2. EQ Progression servers were fun for over a year, but mistakes were made and interest lost when DB Games announced the cancellation of EQ Next

3. Guild has been coasting since the summer and the community has been missing vital and necessary interaction and activities in order to help tie them together again.

4. Problem-solving mode engaged and “Call to arms” with the leadership knowing it’s time to get back up again

5. Games to look towards; Hero Song (Stepping Stone), Crow Fall (Major Upcoming game), and COE (Long term 2+ years)

6. While not specified above, CrossGuard has a set activity schedule with others playing various times of the night and day. These times are as follows:

Tuesday 8PM EST Time – End 11PM EST

Thursday 8PM EST Time – END 11PM EST

Saturday 7PM EST Time – END no earlier than 11PM EST.

(Credit for bullet point idea given to Ecksesive)



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