The Time Has Come!

I’m in the market for a job with a paycheck. Something steady and reliable. It is a different experience from when I was younger! Then, I went into the business itself and filled out an application (or brought my resume!). Today, it’s mostly all online. Even the small businesses. it is a rare business that advertises a job opening, but still insists you come in personally to deliver your resume. Most want it online.


Don’t get me wrong. I love the online world! So much to see, learn, and connect to others with! Heck, I met my hubby of 18 years on the internet! But, sometimes it feels like a shot in the dark. A needle in a haystack. Who is going to notice me? Who is going to sit up and see me behind the text of my resume?

I know I have a lot to offer any company. I’m quite versatile. So are a lot of other people! What makes me so different from then. Nothing and everything. It’s going to take someone actually hiring me for them to actually know me over time. So, what I offer is who I am.

Below is a copy of a post on FB I made in the hopes of getting my name out there among people who know me at least a little. I believe in utilizing what is available to you in order to achieve what one wants. I want a job. No, actually, I want a career that I can spend the next 20+ years or so deeply engaged with. I want to invest myself into a good company I feel tries to make a difference.

(I originally posted the following on FB)

I am going to put this right out there!

I want to say I am “Job Hunting” But what I really want is a career working with and for people that not only have a strong business foundation, but really care about its employees and customers/patients first and foremost.

Regardless of the fact it has been awhile since I’ve worked outside the home, I’ve never lost the skills of handling people well, learning new tasks, being flexible, and doing my best. I’ve been using Uber to supplement my income, however, I’ve found the need for something more reliable to meet my needs.

Because I already love people in general, I just know I would be perfect when it comes to making a career for myself in a field involving people. I am not here to be just a sales person, though. I want to help people and work for a company that cares for not only its employees, but customers/patients wants and needs as well.

You will find I am well-organized and able to finish tasks in a timely manner. I excel at using a register/computer and am a fast learner. My customer service skills are excellent; I have a genuinely friendly personality and I am always willing to help customers/patients in any way possible. I have received many compliments and 5 star reviews from riders while using the Uber Partner platform regarding my willingness to be helpful and to ensure safety. This will be something I carry with me into any company that hires me.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are in search of someone to be a part of your team. If you know of a good company searching for an enthusiastic individual such as myself, then I am most interested in learning about them as well!


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