The Rough Road

I could say I’m having one of “those” days, but it’s been more like one of those months. Since my last post where I openly put myself out there on the job market, I’ve probably put in a good 20 applications to jobs I felt I could strongly contribute to while also carving out a career for myself that would help me attain certain goals, such as buying the house we live in. And, I want this house!

After multiple rejections, all of which were via email despite having spoken both on the phone and in person each time, I realized today: I can’t wait for some company to recognize my potential. And because I do have that potential and that drive to succeed, I am picking up my rear and hauling it back to my Mary Kay business. I had allowed it to slide for a variety of reasons, none of which were good ones, I admit. So, what does Mary Kay offer me as a business that going to work for a steady paycheck does not? First off, it gives me a flexibility that no “boss” is likely to give me. The income potential is much higher. Not only that, I happen to love and use Mary Kay products myself.

If you have been reading my blog, or simply happen to know me personally, you know I’ve had certain challenges in the health department. I’ve fought pretty hard to get where I am today. In fact, I was wheelchair bound for a short while there when I was initially injured and got stuck with a broken foot. Mary Kay allows me to schedule things as I see fit. It allows me to reschedule if absolutely necessary. I never have to worry about working on a Sunday. I can be home with my husband and children. The possibilities for how I run my business are all up to me. I can live with that.

So, I know some of you will think I am crazy and scream “Mary Kay doesn’t make you money!” and I am here to say I know for a fact it does. I’ve watched my friend go from a struggling consultant to being a Director. My Director. I’m not getting my information and training from some random person just trying to fill up their roster. She is already there! She does not need me for her success, but I sure do need her experience, advice, and support to help me achieve the things she has. One day, I’ll be the Director, thank you very much.

So, all the above is really great. neat even. I am quite confident in those things. But, they would mean nothing if I did not actually like and believe in Mary Kay products. I’ve always told people I could never be in car sales because if there was a “lemon” I would be unable to act like it was a wonderful deal. I need to believe that what I have is worth sharing with others. I’ve been using mary Kay products for a couple decades at this point. They have my trust, therefore I feel utter faith in sharing it with others.

I could end this with the usual “So there you have it”, but instead I am going to share with you one last thing that happened today amid all the job rejection emails. Awhile back ago I applied to The Old School House to be a curriculum reviewer for 2017. This afternoon, I got offered a spot While this is not really something with income potential, the opportunity is something I really wanted and I really look forward to working with my sons next year on various things we might have not otherwise been able to do.


So there you have it. Yeah, I did it.


One thought on “The Rough Road

  1. If you are curious about what Mary Kay has to offer for either your personal skin care needs, gift shopping, or even as a business, feel free to contact me! You will also see there is now a link to my MK site in the blog Post!

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