My Priority List

Happy Sunday all of you!

I find myself stuck at home this morning because of nerve pain flareups. Living in Florida sometimes means I have to suffer with very fast weather changes this time of year. It’s actually quite frustrating as I will feel good enough to go about my usual business and suddenly the ache begins. Usually this occurs in my left arm or leg, but in really bad episodes my entire left side feels the equivalent of a toothache. It’s an extremely rare occurrence it will begin to extend to my right side. Don’t even talk to me on those days. If I could move, I’d probably bite your head off.


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I really find going to Sacrament important, but when these flare-ups occur, it’s so slow and difficult for me to get started I don’t make it in time. Which brings me to why I am writing my post. Sundays are meant not only as a day of rest as most people might consider it, but it is a great time to reflect on the most important things in our lives. One of the things that attract me to Mary Kay (Bear with me here!) is they openly use the creed: God First, Family Second, Career Third. It is those 3 things I wish to cover today.

God first. What exactly does that mean? For me, it is not about only making it to Sacrament (Very important, though!). I do not wish to live my faith 1 day a week. Or maybe think I’m “good” because “Look! I made it to Youth Group with my kids!” Yay me. No, for me putting “God First” means I work to live each and everyday pondering not only what He’s provided, but how I can be an example of His love. Many of you have heard the phrase “What would Jesus do?” and that is what I strive for in my daily life.


So, what next?

Family. There is not a person out there that could honestly say my family is not a top priority to me. To say otherwise would be a lie. Those people in that picture above mean so much to me and I feel so blessed knowing God has his hand above us. I want to mention my daughter, who was not there that day. She is such an amazing young women and we are quite close. You might grow up, but you will always me my kid. Just as we are always children of God, hmm?

My third priority is my career. It makes sense that a career, or job, would be a top priority. It is what helps us care for our families and give back to God. Work hard, work diligently, work honestly; and you will be blessed for it. Never forget the reason you work is to help make the lives of those you care about more fulfilling. I am not talking about stuff. What you do with the money you earn makes a huge difference in both your personal joy and those around you.

And what about the rest? Those outside your immediate household? I say, if you have your duckies in a row (enough to at least maintain your sanity, at least) that is when you are at your best in helping others. I’m not saying wait until You’ve got a nice big house, a hot car, and can eat out every night. Just make sure you’ve taken cared of your family and asked yourself “Am what I doing a great reflection of our Father in Heaven?”. I assure you, giving a helping hand to others while also maintaining the well-being of your family and striving to live as Jesus does, will not only bless you greatly; you will be a light and blessing to all those you come in contact with.


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