The 5 Paragraph Blog: The New Job

It happened. I got a job! It’s a job I have done before, being a teacher for Early Childhood. I’ve always loved kids, but after more than a decade being a stay at home disabled mom that Home-Schools, I had forgotten just how much I loved it. So many little things, namely the children themselves, bring me such joy. Seeing their cute little faces already light up when they see me, learning about each one’s talents and challenges, and the reward of knowing: I can help them in a myriad of ways brings me such satisfaction that I don’t care if my body hates me for this right now.

It seems the little kiddos I am working with in the 2-year old class like new people just fine. They were instantly wondering who I was and why I was there. Many hugged me right off the bat! It did not take me long to realize the other teacher I would be working with would be just as sweet and wonderful as these loving children, as well. I suppose it only proves that her effect on them led to a positive first meeting between they and I. Now when I come in each morning they are waving and saying with enthusiasm “Hi Mrs. Tina!” (Most can’t pronounce my full proper name lol).

Each child is so unique and beautiful. I already adore each one of them and I honestly could not tell you which, if any, would be a favorite. Even the ones that keep me on my toes can not make my heart think less of them. They are still at the beginning of their lives and everything is still interesting and fun to them. Even sweeping the room takes on a whole new dimension of exploration. Try it one day with 14-17 toddlers and you will see exactly what I mean! As I learn about each individual child, I learn how best I, as their new teacher, can help them grow and explore the world around them. It’s a job I look forward to each morning.

Each day I am there, I remember the skills I utilized so many years ago to help those children in my past, including those I still home-school as older teens. Each day I learn more of the new techniques the center I work in has implemented. I have so many tools at my disposal to help these children, it is amazing. I am a curriculum junky, and guess who has curriculum to play with at work? Me!! And I get to do it with some of my most favorite people in this world; Children. Because of both my experience and the tools available to me, I can help these children in so many ways. Not just those who fit within common parameters, but those who fall outside the so-called norm. I love that this is something I am being equipped to do.

It’s true, my body is having it out with me right now. Last night was really tough on this older hips of mine. I know I will adjust, but I find it somewhat ironic that I need a bigger lap to hold all the children that want to sit on it, but it will be those same children that make it smaller. I love this job for the children because I can learn more about them, help them out, and even come in with the feeling: These kids adore me.


8 thoughts on “The 5 Paragraph Blog: The New Job

  1. Congratulations on your new job! And how wonderful that you are falling in love with the children already and enjoying the rewards. I hope you continue to love the work, and that your body adjusts! 😉

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