The 5 Paragraph Blog: The Gamer in Me

I know some of you have only come across my blog for the home-schooling. Maybe you were a friend or family member that came to check it out to be supportive. And then there are those who followed because you are a member of CrossGuard and we game together. I’ve always loved people, so I think it is natural I would have gotten into gaming with people. And because I’ve faced challenges that made gaming difficult for me, it was natural I would eventually make a guild that would be welcoming to all those who struggled, but wanted a place where they could be treated with love and kindness…and still get their gaming goals accomplished.


Being a guild leader has it’s pros and cons, of course. How does one meet the needs and wants of their people while maintaining the initial vision of the guild that prompted me to create it in the first place? You get differing personalities, conflicts of interest, and the occasional jerk whose sole enjoyment is to ruin other’s enjoyment. But, the biggest challenge of all is maintaining a healthy balance in my own life while struggling with a chronic health condition. This is further complicated by the fact: I must now work an outside job.

Running a guild with more than 5-10 people means I need help to keep it running. Especially during times in my life where I need to take a step back and tend to my personal and family needs. In fact, that is the entire precept of CrossGuard: “CrossGuard was created to encourage reasonable, but well organized, game-play that should not infringe upon one’s ability to live, work, and take care of family and/or other life’s obligations.” However, when a time comes where I must step back, I don’t always have others available who are willing and/or able to take up the responsibilities such a group entails. Those left in the dust can be quite unforgiving of this and seem to forget I am a real person. With a real body that gets sick and a real family that needs me.


There is one thing I’ve learned after running this guild for several years. You learn which ones really appreciate your efforts. Who uphold the same vision. who are here for the people and not just themselves. And when their time comes when they need to step away to tend to their own personal and family needs, they know I will support them and that CrossGuard will accept their return with open arms. It is for them I keep doing it even after suffering through hatefulness during some of the hardest times of my life.

Perhaps you are a gamer. You might even like the thought of a gaming community that puts real life first. That attempts to play and communicate together no matter what game one of the individuals happens to be playing at the time. CrossGuard is that community. Sure, we tend to have a main game (Such as EQ currently), but we also look to the future into other games such as Ashes of Creation and Pantheon and fully support our community playing different games together. To achieve that, we use Discord for our main communication hub, though we still maintain the website. So, come say hello to a fellow gamer 🙂


Until next time.


9 thoughts on “The 5 Paragraph Blog: The Gamer in Me

    • Gaming was a way I got to reach out and interact with a lot of people when medical reasons kept me at home. Then, when I began home schooling my son for his educational needs, it became another way to think of community and understand other gamers had families. Had special needs. needed others they could reach out and have something in common with. I will always enjoy going out among people face to face, but I know there is so much out there I can do via the internet, and it can be such a blessing.

    • There are! They are usually what is termed “Multi-Gaming” guilds. A guild that can be found in multiple games. It can be challenging, as many join a guild only for a particular game and then move on when tired of the game or they are not a good fit for various reasons. There are also those who use the internet’s ability to be anonymous for negative actions. The ones that stick with a guild through various games are there for the people. THIS is your gaming community.

  1. I’m not a gamer, I faded away from gaming after years of King’s Quest (I’m sure that dates me!) But I am a cross stitcher and have stitched for years alone, and in the past year I have discovered an entire community through various groups on FB so I understand the need for that community that connects you through a delighted hobby.

    • Oh! I did cross stitch when I was a teen. Now that I have compressed nerves, some of the things I like to do that require fine motor skills is very difficult. I am glad you still get to enjoy it ❤

      • I’m sorry about your nerves. My mom didn’t cross stitch much, but she did other needlecrafts. When she started getting osteoarthritis really badly she had to stop, it wasn’t until she discovered machine embroidery that she got back into crafting.

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