Socialization; What About it?

I get asked about socialization because I home-school. Usually, it’s asked by a well-meaning person who does not realize the real question should be:

Is it providing POSITIVE socialization?

Yes, you can get socialized in public schools (And private etc), but is it positive? Anyone who has been around my boys tell me how well behaved they are when out and about. They have great conversations and are well engaged.

It’s true they have their *moments* and bicker and complain about one another during the course of the day, but the comments about their general behavior and interactions with others have been consistent. To the point, it is not uncommon for someone to provide a thoughtful gift for them, etc. Some adults, yes adults, come over just to say hi…to my boys. Yes, they engage with me as well and we all have a great time, but my boys are not an after thought to others as a result of the fact I have included them in normal, everyday social situations in the real world.

Let’s face it, the “real world” is not found in the public classrooms. How things are set up in one are not how a job is set up. It is not how a night at the movies as a family is set up. it’s not the church picnic. I can go on and on, but imagine the class room and then imagine all the different ways you can interact with others. Which do you think would be a more realistic opportunity to teach your child about positive socialization?

I am not saying that public schools can not provide any positive socialization. There are terrific teachers, wonderful students, myriads of aides and substitutes. Most trying their best to provide education on all levels for your child. My contention is not the PEOPLE in the public schools. It’s how it is all being implemented. I feel none of those involved can truly shine to their best potential, which naturally limits the potential of the students they interact with.

A teacher (And there is one I had wished could come to my house every day!) could be THE best teacher you’ve ever known. You could be convinced that if they had all the tools and/or the full opportunity to work with a child to help bring out their best, they might do a better job than you. In the end, it does not matter who is better at their *job* if one does not have what is necessary to make it happen. I know if a particular teacher could take my place in my home my boys would benefit greatly. I also know my boys have benefited so much more from being home schooled with me than sitting in her classroom.

So, what about socialization?

It’s good 🙂

Until next time.


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