The 5 Paragraph Blog: The Obligatory New Year Post

Yes! It is that time again! It’s a new year and so many of us are expected to talk about our resolutions and how we plan on accomplishing them. I’m really no different in that I look to better myself and my family. But, I rarely keep it to just this time of year. I am looking at it monthly, weekly, daily…and occasionally I am praying my hardest to “Just let me get through this moment without completely losing it!”. So, what is it I am always hoping to improve? I hate to say it, but typically it’s my health, being better at prayer and scripture reading, and trying to be a good person to those in my life.

Oh, my poor body! Always in need of more water and less soda. More exercise and less sitting on my bum. I think most of us reading this know this struggle. Oddly, the best way I have found for me, personally, of being in better shape is taking on active tasks. NOT an exercise program. Let’s take the fact I watch children for a living these days. Nothing has started putting me in better shape then doing that. Yes, there is lots of room for improvement, but it’s worked much better than that expensive gym membership! Of course, my body is not the only thing I need to work on….

If you have not figured it out just yet, I’ll put it right out there for you. I believe in God. The Maker of All. I am pretty good at having Him in my thoughts on a regular basis, but focused prayer, reading my scriptures, and regular and weekly church attendance sometimes escape me. I hear it a lot..just 10 mins a day! I could tell you lots of reasons why I miss out, forget, get distracted, or decide “not today”, but in the end it is something I tend to try and work on. It will probably be the way i am until my dying day. But, I do comfort myself one way….

I am constantly trying to improve the way I interact and view others. Always reminding myself I don’t know everything and I should not judge them. Only God knows them fully. My job is to love. To be a friend. To let others know I am there for them. I just hope others give me the same consideration. I admit, many times I feel broken and hurt trying to figure out how to be a good and loving friend to someone that has hurt me and others. learning where to draw the line has been one of the biggest battles I’ve ever had to deal with. It will be just like Prayer and Scripture reading. i will probably be trying to get it right until my dying day.

While I know this is not quite the typical “New Year’s resolution” post, I’m just hoping you will cut me a little slack. Heck, cut everyone else and yourself some slack, because as I recently posted on Facebook: I know it is getting late, but many times I am reminded of all the wonderful people out there. I know all to often we are shown the worst in people and society, but I want everyone to know, that most people are just trying to get through the day and honestly just wish the best for those they come in contact with. Don’t listen to the hype. Listen to one another, instead.


Until Next Time!



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