The 5 Paragraph Blog: Sir A Has a New Job (Wow!)

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they realize their “job” as a provider, caregiver…well, everything…. is starting to have some huge changes when it comes to what their children need from them. I am no different! It’s not that I did not see this day coming. It’s not that there has not already been changes. There has been. It started in little ways. Their sense of responsibility grew, the way they seek more independence, and even to what they will be doing with their life.

While the title signifies Sir A’s new job, I do not wish to neglect his elder brother. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that Sir M has Asperger’s and that it was for his special needs I started on this home school journey in the first place. I feel, in many ways, that when it comes to maturity, both the boys are on a similar level. They have both taken more responsibility in things like personal hygiene, getting their schooling done, and helping around the house. We went through a period of time where I felt like I had to nag them over and over and over again to get these things done. While there is still plenty of room for improvement, I’ve seen immense improvement in their self-directing behavior in “taking care of business” in their daily lives.

The signs that change was coming my way really began this past winter when my 18 year old, Sir M.  began showing a strong interest in driving. This may not seem like much to many of you, but keep in mind he is 18 and showed no interest even after getting an *A* in Driver’s Ed. He honestly could not have cared less two years ago! Meanwhile, his younger brother was dying to take the class when it was his turn. I am happy to say Sir A is now taking Driver’s Ed and Sir M is working towards having a driver’s license. Not only that, Sir M made sure he was registered for the draft and got is ID card. I can see both boys taking steps to being more independent and not having to rely on us, their parents, for everything.

And now we come to the moment of truth. My baby has a job! To be fair, he is not the first child of mine to get a job. You wont hear too much mention of the eldest, Miss N, but she has been independent and working since her Senior year in High School, -She will be 23 this year!-, has been paying her way through college thus far, owns her own car, and is a delight to me. But, what is it about it being your youngest getting a job, even if only 15 hours a week, that really drives home – My life is changing as much as theirs is!

I’m very proud of all my children. There is always room to grow (and I am no exception just because I am “mom”), but I know my children are going to be alright. Seeing each step as they all enter into adulthood and working to achieve their dreams while taking responsibility of even the little things (Gotta do your laundry!) is an indescribable combination of joy and sadness. Joy in their accomplishments, sadness that some of the integral parts of my life are no longer necessary for their well-bring. You see, my children are not the only ones changing in order to lead fulfilling lives; This mamma has to make changes as well and learn new ways of finding and expressing fulfillment and joy.


I’m not afraid 🙂


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