The 5 Paragraph Blog: The Anatomy of a Guild

Guess what? I’m a gamer! Of course, you might have already figured that one out. What is it about gaming that brings me back time after time, though? Well, I am rarely ever seen in solo games. When I really get into a game, it is because I have connected with a group of people in that game. I happen to like people, but because of “life” I have found I prefer a certain quality of people. And the way people are in a guild affects it’s makeup, or “anatomy” if you will. So, what are the most important things I look for in a guild? How they treat those in the guild, how they treat those not in the guild, and their time table.

It’s not hard to believe I would be attracted to a guild that treats it’s members with patience and respect. Not only that top “uber” tank, healer, or damage dealer, but those that struggle. If I see a struggling player keep trying, work actively on improving, and are reliably available when they say they will be, I won’t care if they are “not the best”. Again, I am here for the people more than anything else. There are many guilds that treat it’s members as simply fodder to toss at game content so they can proclaim they “Beat the Game” and are “The Best”. They don’t care about the actual people in the guild. Only their reputation of being a top guild. My definition of a top guild is the positive relationship I have with those within the guild.

I’ve been in guilds where the inner workings are fabulous. The people are great! They work well together. The respect and camaraderie is amazing! But, then you see their disregard, their utter contempt for anyone not in their guild. I am not talking about disliking a guild known for treating other players badly. I am talking about them being that guild that treat others badly. Things like purposely killing a mob to prevent others from getting a special drop when everyone in your guild already has it. I believe this behavior is appalling and even outright ridiculous. This will not be a guild that keeps my interest if I see it is a regular thing.

Last, but certainly not least: When does the guild play? This is a tough one! This can happen within my own guild, CrossGuard. Activity drops off for various reasons, usually having to do with real life. Then, more and more leave simply because there is not enough on to play on when others log on. The people are great and it can be a really tough time for a guild at this point. I always wish people would stick it out at these times as good long term guilds will always go through these ebbs and flows. I’ve watched this happen so many times over the past 8-10 years I’ve been with the guild. I understand one of the biggest reasons people start playing in a guild is because their time table matches theirs. At the same time, if you are truly here for the people and you can still talk to them most days, then I think you would stay for the people.

I’ve only gone over the very basics of guild anatomy. For those that actively game and tend to play with a certain group of people, you know each guild can have all 3 of those things and still be quite different from one another. A guild has a personality. And while I did not cover that in this little essay, it will be the Philosophy a guild holds onto that determines it’s personality because it will attract certain people that treat it’s members a certain way, how they interact with those outside the guild, and the time of day they tend to play (Though that can be highly affected by time zones, of course!).


Until next time.


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