Home School Challenges and a Review

Every now and then I cover a bit about our home-schooling life. An ‘lo! Here is one! We are now in the high school years for both my boys. I feel we are in the home stretch, but when it comes to Sir A, one of his biggest struggles has been in math. While it’s gotten a bit easier over the years, he still struggles with times tables to this very day. His brother, Mr M did not have this issue and I’ve had to try and find ways to help Sir A get that skill under his belt.  It was especially difficult to find online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way that would not only interest him, but make him feel like he was succeeding and making progress. 

We tried multiple programs, games, and ideas over the years. Some of them quite expensive! I am both pleased and sad to say: I think I found it! This is one of those “Wish I had this when he was younger!” moments But when I was able to offer him, thanks to my being a 2017 Curriculum Reviewer on the Homeschool Review Crew, access to Times Alive online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way we found ourselves having an enjoyable time. While it’s true this lovely program is aimed at younger learners and not a high schooler, he still found it enjoyable for the most part.


Sir A. is always a good sport to try out the different suggestions and ideas I present to him. He was no different when it came to trying Times Alive by the Times Tables the Fun Way company. We both looked it over together initially and it was cute and helpful. It started with a speed review/test we both took and then moved on to some funny stories and songs. After he went though the entire program on his own in just a couple weeks (It was fast for him due to him being older!), He stated: “I liked it and it did help me, though I think it was meant for younger kids?” And, yes..he asked that in a questioning voice. He continued to talk to me about it and I could tell he not only found it helpful, but would be happy with a product from City Creek Press whose math stories and songs were aimed at teenagers if it still followed the same format as it was the way the material was presented that was helpful to him.

 photo header_bg_zpsctibdiug.gif

I want to stress my son loves humor and laughing and will always be attracted to cutesy and funny animations and the like. This online program has such things in spades and is adorable and silly to my old, adult eyes. Apparently Sir A. felt pretty much the same way and loved it. So, even though it was aimed at those younger than he is, he still benefited from it. I am sharing a couple pictures to help you see some of what can be expected on the game. It wont be tons as I want you to be able to discover things for yourself -spoilers!-Enjoy!


And another….


Homeschooling is not all fun and games. We, as parents, want to know the progress of our children and what they have and have not done. This little gem provides such a nifty feature to help you know your child’s progress. Heck, my son liked having it so he could have a nice visual of how he was doing! So, here is another cute picture that has the more nitty gritty things in it:

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}In conclusion, this is a really terrific and fun way to learn your times tables and really feel you should give it a try if you have a struggling math-er in your life regardless of whether they are homeschooling, in public school, or attending any other place. With that said, the final graphic below and a handy dandy link to read more reviews from the Homeschool Review Crew blog:PCrew Disclaimer


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