I Heart Games

I usually try not to flood the blog with posts, but, my pretties, I could not let this one go! If you have been following me any length of time, you have probably surmised I am a gamer. Heck, I belong to a family of gamers. I’m not talking just online games. I am talking board games, card games, social games, and yes the wonderful MMROPGs I am known to play.


Being part of a family that plays games together on a daily basis has it’s pros and cons. The Pros? We live in Florida and hurricanes just wont phase us. We have games to play! The cons? It can get a wee bit pricey. I love a game? Chances are at least one other person in the household will as well. Now the price is times two! Imagine when we all like a game that requires each person have their own copy or account? We pull from the same income, after all.

So, when I come across a game that I know we would love playing together that is not only quick and fun and still looks to have a challenge to it while only requiring I pay for it one time to be able to include a lot of people… I gotta stand up and get a closer look. Thank goodness for my connections to The Review Crew! I get to learn about new products coming out and I learned about this one. It even has a Kickstarter! Woot! So, what is this game I am gushing about and ready to play right now?!


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