The 5 Paragraph Blog: Be My Valentine

Ah, a day for all days! A day that many both can not wait for and dread all at the same time. I’m no different. Today I wanted to be able to go all out for my dearest hubby. To be able to get a sweet card and an even sweeter gift. Alas, it was not meant to be! Perhaps you can share in my sorrow. Things….are tough. Not terrible. Not soul wrenching. Just tough. Makes it hard to do a romantic meal at a restaurant, get a nice card that seems to say all the words you can not come up with on your own, and hopefully end it in the arms of your true love. So, what does a couple in our position do when money is not plentiful, but our hearts still beat as one? We do what we always do: Spend time together, cook a meal at home, and end the night in one another’s arms.

Dirty minds you have! Behave!

Recently my hubby and I celebrated 18 years of marriage. This means we’ve been a serious part of one another’s lives since we first dated 20 years ago. I feel that’s an accomplishment, dont you? And just like right now, things were tight. And while it might remain that way for a bit longer, there is one commodity we can always make sure we have. Time for one another. Sometimes we play games together, both online and at the table. We’ll even include others! Other times we’ve been known to binge-watch a show on Netflix. Heck, I plan on talking him into watching “Michael Bolton’s Big, sexy Valentine’s Day Special“. Warning, this show is not safe for little eyes and ears! I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it was worth the watch. Muhahahaha….

michael-bolton-valentines-day-netflixYeah, that happened.

I suppose cooking together does mean we are spending time together, but there is just something different about this past time. We both have our favorite types of cooking. He likes to bake cheese cake and other yummy goodies, while I prefer to go the more savory route. It’s not that I can not bake or that he can not cook up a smashing meal, because we are flexible like that! We just seem to enjoy what we enjoy. It works for us and I get lemon cake out of the deal. Hmm…lemon cake!

Ah, the grand finale. Or completion. Or maybe we are just damn tired. We are getting old these days and ending the day in one another’s arms can all too often mean one thing. Sleep. Besides, I wouldn’t tell you otherwise. Do the words “None of your business” ring a bell? Coughs. Moving on!


Yeah, we are not rolling in the riches. Yeah, we love one another. One does not need money to show their special someone what they mean to them. A little time and effort sure goes a long way! So get out the games, Netflix, or whatever else you enjoy doing together, cook up a good meal, and snuggle it out in bed together. Heck, spending time watching a show and eating can easily be done in bed together. Screw what they say about keeping the TV or monitor outside the bedroom. It’s Valentine’s Day, baby.


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