The 5 Paragraph Blog: Exploring the Word of Wisdom

I am a member of the LDS (Later Day saints) aka “Mormon”. I’m certainly not perfect and there are some things I struggle and even chafe against. One of these is what we call “The Word of Wisdom” or “The Law of Health” found in Doctrine and Covenants 89. Simple put, these are guidelines we are to follow if we wish to maintain our optimum health. This is where faith is needed as current beliefs, both social and scientific, will not always agree. Some things are obvious. Take in what is clean and you will have a clean body sounds easy enough to understand, right?

However, if you are someone that has even dug the tiniest of fractions into what is in our foods today, you will quickly understand; all is not as it seems. Take the drinking of coffee or tea, which many informed people know is something most Mormons do not consumed. It is frequently considered quite silly. I have been one of those people. I’ve been comparing coffee and tea to soda and thinking how much better they are. I did not accept the Wisdom of my Father in heaven. Instead, I chose the lesser of 2 evils to be acceptable. Because it was better than the Dr. Pepper I am always consuming. It made it even easier that advertising and a Google search about teas and coffees will show you a myriad of benefits when you drink them.

I challenge you to do a different search. Instead, search for “In what ways can tea be bad for you” and you will begin to filter out the advertisements and propaganda. And yes, that is exactly what it is. They want you to buy these products, after all. It gains them wealth. But does it truly gain us health? Don’t fall into the same trap I did where I told myself (and everyone believes it!) that “it’s better than soda!”. Sure, one poison is less toxic than another, but…it is still poison.

You may be wondering what prompt today’s blog post. I am changing my life. I am beginning to once again start each day with scripture and talks from those who carry the Spirit strongly so I can better serve the Lord, my fellow humans, and better myself. For today, I decided to read a talk by Elder Quentin L. Cook called “A Banquet of Consequences—The Cumulative Result of All Choices:”. The Word of Wisdom was brought up, as was the drinking of coffee and tea and I decided to make that Google search I mentioned earlier.

In my search, I found one particular article called  “Could Tea Be Bad For You? 5 Tea Ingredients That Are Harming Your Health” and it brought home that even though it’s frequently thought to be strange and silly by those who do not know, over time The Word of Wisdom has continued to be proven correct as knowledge increases and people look into things for themselves. This is true for everything in our lives. Don’t just believe what someone tells you. Don’t just believe one random post. Not even mine. Do what I do and dig deeper. Don’t stop when you get the answer you want. Keep going and see if it’s actually just a matter of a paradigm shift -a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.- that has been used on you. This is your health and well-being we are talking about, after all. Take charge of it. I guess God actually knew what He was talking about, hmm?


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