The 5 Paragraph Blog: I..have a plan!


I’ve never been the best at planning. Especially when it comes to planning out my financial health. That is what I consider it now as I near my 43rd birthday. The health of my finances has always been somewhat important to me. Especially when it was poor. And it seems to have been poor for most my life. In recent years I got it to the point where it was…passing. Barely. I just couldn’t get to the point I actually had anything saved! I knew if I did not figure it out, I would wind up in the hole the moment something went wrong. And it did. It always does.

Before you start throwing out helpful remarks, links, books, and programs..let me assure mother has already showed me pretty much all of them. The problem has never been the program. The problem has been with me. I don’t handle money well. I have reasons for these. They would probably even make sense to most if I laid it all out. However, just as I did not give myself an excuse to be a bad parent because things were rough for me growing up, I should not be excusing myself for how I save (or dont, actually) money.

So, yes! My bills were on time for quite a few years. I would immediately pay bills when payday came around. If it was gonna be due before the next one, I paid it. I felt very good about this. I still kinda do. I was always behind in the past and racking up late fees and additional deposits and destroying my credit. Now, I was caught up and not behind. My credit improved and I was quite pleased with myself. However, just as quickly as I paid my bills, I was just as quick to spend what was left of it. I was not saving a thing and not getting any closer to some of my dream goals. A house. A travel Trailer. To not be living off of cat-food when we became too old to work. To actually afford retirement.

So, what is my plan anyways? I am just beginning the general outline. First thing I know I must do…is work. And I have. I have worked my arse off, and in less than 2 weeks, I’ve gotten us out of the hole I dug us into. But, I refuse to be at “ground level” any longer. I am gonna grow my money tree and climb it, dammit! For me, it’s as simple as making a decision and doing it. To have more self control and make my dreams come true. Excuses won’t do that for me. Working hard on it will.

Look, I am not here to give you a grand success story. There is no trick or easy way to make big chances in your life that will take you where you want to go. I’m not going to sell you a lie. I am here to tell you I am not going to make excuses for my poor financial health. Not only that, I plan on doing something about it. One step at a time. Even if it’s just a dollar a week, I am going to save something. I can pretty much guarantee you can do the same. If all else fails, I am sure there is a dime in the street. No more excuses.


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