The 5 (6) Paragraph Blog: Resources for your Home-School, High-School Edition

When our family started this home-schooling adventure, it was such a big and scary thing! As the years went by, it did not seem such a big deal and my boys were frequently complimented for not only their knowledge, but their behavior and kindness towards other. Then, the High-School age began to loom over us and I was uncertain how to handle it as there were not so many helpful blogs and services out there for that particular age group at the time. In fact, the few places I could look went from education in a fun and interesting way to a sudden dry and uninteresting format. As if people hit a sudden block to making learning fun in the high-school years. It’s bull.

I must not have been the only one to feel this way, because more and more authors, blogs, sites, families, companies, and more began offering ideas and products that continued to make learning fun even for the maturing high-schooler. I was thankful and so were my boys. There is so much out there for high-schoolers these days, but perhaps you are wondering where to find them? We have free services, boxed curriculum,  and the more niche fitting curriculum a person can use.

So…free you say? yep, there are free and good resources out there for high-schoolers, such as Easy Peasy All-in-One High School, which I consider very user friendly. For a more classical approach, some free resources are: The Classical Curriculum and Ambleside -leaning towards Ambleside more-However, not all materials and needs that go along with it will be free. You can do further research to find matching/similar  free book materials here. Ambleside does have some links to free resources available and I feel the format is a bit easier to follow. Still, neither is as easy to follow along as Easy Peasy, which is also pretty all-inclusive when it comes to curriculum needs. One last free resource I think is fabulous is Khan’s Academy. I can not say enough about it. it’s good and can help even the most math reluctant individual out there into learning something.

One site I have used and found great and chock full of helpful utilities at a fairly low cost is You can find my review for them here. You can also look into a really fun math and science focused site called Supercharged Science. They have a lot of free online classes and events as well as paid for services (Money Back Guarantee, even). My boys always enjoyed her classes in the past. Another fairly low-cost option is Time4Learning, though we have chosen to go other routes.

For our family, we tend to prefer a combination of resource types and do not rely on only online. In fact, one year we stayed away from it entirely due to the fact one son was not very good at staying away from games and videos having nothing to do with his schooling. Hard to block such things when many online curriculum happen to use the same sites! Not to mention, teenagers figure it out, hmm? For years we relied on My Father’s World curriculum. It was fabulous until High School, where it suddenly got dry and boring and my boys were really unenthusiastic about it. I still think it is wonderful for the grade-school ages, but for High-School we went with Master Books curriculum, which my boys enjoyed far more for their High-School needs.

The thing about learning is this: It truly is life long! Not only do my boys use books, videos, curriculum, and multiple resources to expand their knowledge, I do as well! You are never too old to learn something new or to increase your knowledge on an already known subject. The resources I listed are only a drop in the hat. We are so fortunate to live in an age where so much is at our fingertips. Take advantage! Whether you home school, are seeking additional schooling support, or just want to learn for yourself, these resources are sure to help you get there.


Until next time

*This post contains a few affiliate links, though no one asked me to write it and I was not provided any incentive to.


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