It is my hope that this blog will help bring others together. I would also like to help provide insight into this particular home-schooling family, how we do things, and the challenges we face. Everyone’s path will be different. Even those within this family each will have their own path to forge. While you will see a definite Judo-Christian bent to some of my posts, I must make it clear that I believe that there is a common theme in all the core religions of our beautiful world.

We are taught in so many cultures to love one another. That through our love of others, we will be expressing a greater love. We are not told to love particular types of people, either. Let’s not forget we all hold common ground. Considering we are all imperfect, let’s stop judging one another. True joy not only comes from being accepted but in accepting others as they are. Only then can we find the joy that seems to elude so many of us.


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